DJ Brooklyn revving up for action

DJ Brooklyn’s remixing, tech-savvy and insistent beats mark him as one of the truly rising stars of the past year.

He has already played more than 10 countries and is revving up to release his debut records, making the Cayman Islands Winter Music Festival, presented by Heineken, a great chance to catch his skills on the cusp of his world-conquering future.

“It’s gonna be really neat for everyone involved to have a big festival together like this with all sorts of music, musicians and overall good vibe for the Island. I’m excited to be part of it.”

DJ Brooklyn has already played Cayman, an experience that he described as “nerve-wracking, but awesome.”

It’s certainly not put him off, and this year the NYC-based DJ has been touring all over the United States, plus making his London and Amsterdam debuts and getting more island sun over in Turks & Caicos recently.

Skilful performer

As a performer, Brooklyn has developed his sets away from being “merely a DJ”, although of course that is quite an art in itself, he says.

“Live mixing is definitely an art and a skill, but I have also incorporated drum machines as well as running multiple computer programmes to the point when I am actually mixing in new music live, adding in drumbeats and synths so I never really play the same beat twice as it’s all on the spot, all on the fly.”

It’s going to be a busy time going forward – he’s got releases on six different labels coming up and will be working with New York producer Vicious Vic and getting as much of his own stuff out there as possible.

DJ Brooklyn will be hanging out for the entire festival and watching a lot of the live bands while enjoying Cayman.

“You never know where you’re going to get influence from; I’ll hear a rock or reggae song and that different beat or tune will inspire your own work, so I am looking forward to seeing the live musicians.”