Royal Watler tenants 
unite in association

Tenants of the Royal Watler Terminal have united to present a representative voice to the Port Authority.

The Association represents licensed business operators at the terminal, explained chairman Kevin Doyle of Island Restaurants.

“There are 10 fully licensed operators at the port running the businesses and we have basically united to look after our common interest and make sure that we give visitors a high-quality service; that our staff and management act professionally and courtesy. We’re working as a team to promote the island and making sure everything is up to scratch.

“Obviously there’s a lot going on with [possible development at] the port and we are cognisant of that. Nobody knows exactly what is going on as contracts have not been fully signed, but we are looking to keep each other informed. One of our aims is to make sure we foster, enhance and maintain good relationships with the Port Authority and whoever the new developer is. At the end of the day we have to work with them and we believe we form an integral part. We are mainstay tenants of the port.”

Speculation raised

The companies will work together on all manner of Royal Watler-related issues, including security. Although each business has independent measures to promote themselves, Mr. Doyle said the companies are not in competition with each other.

“We are seriously positive about future prospects and we are trying to make sure we are part of it as things go on. There is a lot of work to do and there will be disruptions [during any development], but it’s all in the embryo stage as far as we know.

“There is a lot of speculation about buildings coming down, who is going to go, who is going to stay, who may move in and all sorts of stuff, but we are comfortable and are just trying to be good tenants.”

Regular meetings of the association will take place, he said, and it is preferable to be involved in any process as a unified body in order to get the most salient points across in any discussions.

Other members of the association include vice chairmen Robert Hamaty and Caren Wright, treasurer Penny Hatch and Dennis Hunter, Harriet Hurlstone, Robert Hurlstone, Valerie Maragh, John Schirn and Marilyn Swing.