Seven possible sites for Shetty hospital

Developers of a proposed 2,000-bed tourism hospital say they have identified seven potential sites to house the project and the land would be purchased within the next three months.

Construction of the $2 billion Shetty medical tourism hospital will begin in September or October this year and the first phase of 140 beds will open in early 2013, according to the project’s local partner, Gene Thompson.

Speaking at a media briefing on Thursday evening, Mr. Thompson said land had not yet been bought to house the hospital, which would eventually hold 2,000 beds, but that seven sites had been identified – all from Savannah eastwards – and acquisition of a 200- to 250-acre site would be done within the next 90 days.

“The reason behind this is to ensure we are able to acquire the adequate parcel without pricing pressures of everyone wanting to be near. People will want to purchase property in close proximity for obvious commercial reasons,” he said

He said it was no intention to keep the site of the hospital a secret once the land has been purchased. “The reason that it has not been completed previously is because we had to get the requisite laws and legislation in place before we were comfortable moving forward,” he said.

Construction of the first phase – a 140-bed tertiary care hospital – would take 14 to 15 months and Mr. Thompson said the hospital was expected to open in February or March 2013.

Showing architectural drawings, he pointed out that the Narayana Cayman University Medical Centre would include a 1,500-unit assisted living section, a hospital, a medical education facility, a medical research unit and wellness, rejuvenation and recovery facility. The entire project will include 10 buildings, to be constructed over the next 15 years.

The assisted living quarters would be built over the next 10 years, he said.

The hospital expects to cater to 120 patients per day in its first year of operation and eventually expand to 1,400 a day when fully operational. Patients would stay on Island an average of nine and a half days.

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  1. This sounds great let hope it happens, the East End of the island can use an injection of new business opportunities. And the whole island can use the job opportunities it will create. New Tenants for land lords, more stay over travelers which will boost the Short Stay market. More people to eat at restaurants, by groceries, clothing, household goods and services it also sounds like this will give a boost to local taxi and shuttle services as well, just an all around boost to the Cayman Economy Way to GO UDP, but please finish what you started.

  2. Actually NJ2Cay… this hospital will not create as many job opportunities for Caymanians as you would think. The Compass reported earlier that this hospital will be staffed by 800 employees, with 160 being Caymanian.

    I’m sorry, but that is a MINUSCULE number of jobs for such a large project. More jobs could be created without destroying acres of untouched land in EE. I don’t think it’s worth it.

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