Teacher education 
evaluation at UCCI

Teacher education continues to be monitored for quality as the University College of the Cayman Islands Department of Teacher Education and Public Administration has again invited a professional board to examine and assess the work of students in training.

The department has invited the Joint Board of Teacher Education, which is dedicated to providing quality assurance in teacher education across the Caribbean. The board is based at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies.

Joint Board examiners have been assessing UCCI students since the inception of teacher education programmes in 2007.

This, according to faculty members, helps ensure that teachers who graduate from the University College are held to the same professional standards as other teachers in the region.

Regular evaluation also gives further currency to the programmes locally, regionally and internationally.

The partnership between the University College and the Joint Board “helped us create a very good product,” said Allan Young, department chair at UCCI. “Through collaborative efforts, we are able to produce a global programme that enables our graduates to work not only in Cayman, but in the Caribbean, United States and the United Kingdom.”

The faculty at the Department of Teacher Education have doctoral degrees and have taught at various levels of the educational system throughout their careers, he said.

The department further has established strong links with institutions like the University of Miami, through which the new Master of Science in Education programme will be offered jointly this fall.

Other programmes include the post graduate diploma in education, bachelor in education and teacher’s aid certificate.

There is a growing need for more Caymanian men and women to take up the profession known as the noblest one, University College officials say.

“Teachers make a significant contribution to nation-building,” Mr. Young said. “Helping young people understand where they were before and how they’ve reached where they are now, will help effect change in future generations.

“Although they are not recognised as much as they should be, being a teacher is very fulfilling because you can definitely make a difference in a person’s life.”