Editorial for April 25: Another stinky Trashmore fire

The capping and moving of Mount Trashmore can’t come soon enough.

Many of our cruise ship visitors and residents were treated to a very smoky and smelly morning last Thursday after the George Town Landfill once more caught fire.

What a lasting impression that must have made on our guests.

While there has been a verbal agreement between the Dart Group and government for the private company to take over and cap the landfill, there still hasn’t been any tangible action taken.

And if we don’t get rain soon on Grand Cayman it’s a good bet that the landfill will continue to catch fire.

Not only does the smoke smell, but it is just downright annoying. And who knows what kind of toxic chemicals are travelling through the air?

We appreciate that this government has been making strides at addressing the ever-growing Mount Trashmore, but each day the dump is allowed to remain at its current site, it grows larger and larger and is one of the first sights cruise tourists see when the ships they’re on dock in the harbour downtown. It isn’t a pretty representation of the Cayman Islands.

We are anxious for the day when the landfill is capped and turned into public space that could include sports and recreation facilities and trails for biking, jogging and walking.

We are also anxious for the new landfill – wherever the site will be – to be a proper site including a properly engineered, lined landfill component with management for things like leachate and methane gas.

And we hope that recycling will feature largely at the new landfill site.

Grand Cayman is too small of an island for people to still be dumping glass, plastic, paper and vegetation into the landfill.

For the new site to properly work we must have recycling in place and a commitment from all that it will work. Our forefathers rarely threw things away, instead they reused day-to-day items. It’s time that we took a page from our history and remember or relearn the ways of those who came before us when the phrase ‘throw away society’ didn’t exist.


  1. I concur with your Mt Trashmore editorial completely, the closing of the current site cannot come soon enough as it is not only an eye sore but the stink produced does not match the requirements of as high end tourist destination.
    When the new landfill site is prepared and opened people will realize that it is not the end of the world for the district in which it is located.
    But there will always be those objectionable individuals who will rant and rave about a new land fill site and who do so for their own reasons which certainly do not take the good of the country into account.

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