Letters to the Editor: Dredging vital to Cayman’s future

The platform enumerated by Premier McKeeva Bush is his personal commitment to all Caymanians of growth in the economy, international recognition, advancement in education and employment and such advantages, which are annexes to this visionary proclamation.

The foundation of success is the cooperation of the governed as well as government. Economic growth cannot be harnessed to a single enterprise such as tourism. Compliance and diligence will lend to this historic accomplishment and benefits will be reaped and harvested for present and future generations. What has been past orientation and resistance to ecological and sociological changes must be put aside in order to be competitive and non-stagnant.

The issue of expanding sea ports, land that has forever been inaccessible with a window of opportunity will attract financial investors and cause existing major commercial enterprises to take notice.

Land reclamation from the sea is also necessary to stop erosion and provide accretion to the boundaries of this country. Dredging is vital, as this Island is difficult to access due to varying water depth and other under water obstructions.

A portion of the expense for land reclamation is to allow riparian land owners to dredge and fill what has been unusable ocean front property as a matter of right, but subject to government inspection and with the avoidance of discrimination.

Economic advancement cannot be attained without the first few steps to productivity.

Paul A. Gargano


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