Cayman CrossFit proving to be amongst region’s best

Imagine if your daily gym workout was a fierce competition. And then, imagine the winner of this competition getting a share of a $1 million purse. This is the basic essence of the CrossFit Games, which have turned a workout programme that regular folk do every day in gyms across the world into a professional sport. And because Reebok recently took over as sponsor, it’s a much more lucrative professional sport than it used to be.

Ten athletes from CrossFit Cayman are among more than 30,000 people worldwide competing to land a spot at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. Billed as the ultimate test of fitness, the CrossFit Games are a multi-day, multi-event competition held in late July in Carson, California. The winners of the Games will get crowned World’s Fittest Male and Female. The sport of CrossFit is intense and unlikeany other. It’s a combination of Olympic weight
lifting, power lifting, gymnastics and cardio all mixed into one workout. Local athletes must qualify for the CrossFit Games by completing one gruelling workout per week for six weeks and ranking in the top 60 positionswithin their region.

In addition, the top 20 teams from each region will qualify. The first workout started in mid-March with the final workout ending over the Easter weekend. If CrossFit Cayman competitors made those 60 spots they will then move on to the Latin America Regionals from 17-19 June to compete for the three spots in each division which will represent Latin America at the 2011 CrossFit Games.As the defending Latin American team champions, CrossFit Cayman have their sights on a repeat victory
at the regionals and another chance at the exclusive CrossFit Games championships. CrossFit Cayman also have men and women competing individually this year at the

CrossFit Cayman and its athletes were proving that it’s all about intensity and commitment to programming midway through the programme. They were on top of the Latin American region, which is all countries south of the United States and individual competitors husband and wife team Matt and Tarasa Barnett were top the leader board in the men’s and women’s divisions. The Barnetts are the founders and owners of CrossFit Cayman and are responsible for the training and development of the
CrossFit Cayman team.

“CrossFit is high intensity interval training,” said Tarasa Barnett. “We incorporate a wide array of movements, put it to a clock, and make it like a sport. “The workouts are constantly varied so there is always the element of change, which is what our athletes love about the programming. Because everything is quantified there is no doubting that your fitness levels are improving.” Tarasa represented Cayman women at last year’s NORCECA volleyball tournament held here, but she is concentrating more on CrossFit now.

At the end of week 5 Matthew Barnett was top of the Latin America standings with Tim Pell in 14th place. Tarasa was top of the Latin America women’s standings with Ashley Puschman third and Krista Pell in fifth place.