UDP: ‘We support Premier Bush’

‘Lack of confidence’ motion aimed at leader

United Democratic Party members said Thursday that they maintain full confidence in Premier McKeeva Bush, both as the country’s leader and as political party leader. 

The comments were made at a press conference held in response to a private members motion filed with the Legislative Assembly Wednesday afternoon by Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin. The motion seeks a ‘lack of confidence’ vote in the current United Democratic Party government.

UDP members said government would entertain the motion, but refused to comment on any of the specifics of it Thursday. They also indicated that UDP elected members would vote no on such a motion.

“The fundamental tenet of democracy is for members of legislatures to have the opportunity to challenge the position of the government,” said Education Minister Rolston Anglin. “The ultimate way to do this is via a no-confidence motion. This tool, however, should be used…with due care. We believe this motion is reckless and unwarranted.”

Attending the press conference were all elected members of the United Democratic Party, save Premier Bush – who is off Island – and Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor Connolly, who was hospitalised Wednesday with high blood pressure.

Although the motion is written stating reasons for a ‘lack of confidence’ in the ruling government, the practical effect of such a vote – if passed by two-thirds of sitting elected lawmakers – would be either to remove Premier Bush from office or to dissolve parliament and force the holding of elections prior to the scheduled May 2013 date.

According to Section 51 of the Cayman Islands 2009 Constitution: “The governor shall…revoke the appointment of the Premier if a motion that the Legislative Assembly should declare a lack of confidence in the government receives the affirmative votes of not less than two-thirds of the elected members of the assembly…”

The constitution also gives the governor the power to dissolve the assembly rather than revoking the appointment of the Premier.

Two-thirds of the current 15 elected Legislative Assembly members means 10 votes. Presuming none of the five elected ministers who currently run the government would vote against themselves, opposition members have to gain the assent of all four backbench government members and North Side independent MLA Ezzard Miller for the motion to pass.

Mr. McLaughlin was coy on Thursday about whether he thought his proposal would actually garner ten votes, but he said people shouldn’t assume that all of the current government ministers would vote against such a motion.

“There is understandably considerable dissatisfaction and disillusionment within the government ranks,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “We believe that there are a number of government members who understand that the leadership must change and this motion offers them the opportunity to make that happen.”

“We unequivocally support Mr. McKeeva Bush as the Premier of this government and the leader of this party,” Mr. Anglin said Thursday. “If we didn’t, we wouldn’t sit in Cabinet.” 

“Mr. McLaughlin knows full well there is no chance of a vote of no-confidence succeeding,” said West Bay MLA Cline Glidden, Jr.

Please see much more on this story in Friday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass…


  1. Really? I mean really? Do any politicians have any self respect left these days. Premier Bush was elected by the people of Cayman.He is on the right track with his parties ideas. Do you not realize how close this island is to extinction. Let the man work and when the next election rolls around you will have your chance to win and then it will be your turn. Start focusing of the people of Caymans problems Not your own political squabbles!

  2. okay, for those who disagree with island boy’s diatribe.

    The last government in power. almost BANKRUPTED this island.

    Let me repeat this, BANKRUPTED the island. I am not talking hypothetical here. It is an actual fact. FOI it, if you do not believe me. It’s all there, in black and white.

    Do you people understand this? If the last political party had been elected once more, for one more term. They would have HAD TO implement direct taxation on the cayman people and everyone one else. Other wise. We would be far more off than we are now.

    Premier Bush is doing what he has to do. Because if he asked for permission every time he had a money making idea for the island. Caymanians would hem and haw, and say no to every idea. It’s the Cayman way. change is the devil.

    Bah, voting. It really should be IQ based. And I am talking, if you don’t have 120 or more, you have no right to vote.

  3. Good if we could get a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE to remove this government, it will call in NEW ELECTIONS. We need to support this because it has nothing to do with Alden, but a democratic process where the people will once again can vote who they feel should represent them! So people, we need true UDP folk that love their country, PPM folk, and Ezzard Miller folk that love their country to CALL IN NEW ELECTIONS. WARNING: DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

  4. The danger to the Cayman Islands is not McKeeva but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Premiership. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Mac premiership than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their premier. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Bush, who is a mere symptom of what ails Cayman. The Islands can survive a McKeeva Bush. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their Premier.

  5. Oh puhleeese Alden.

    Instead of wasting time tearing down – please use your time, energy and talents????? to finding something productive to do – like coming up with a solution to the problems that every nation is facing at this time.

    You and the others just dont seem to get it. There is a world crisis and the Cayman Islands are a part of that world and the crisis.

    Lets come together with sensible solutions.

  6. I could understand if Ezzard Miller filed a motion to recall the government. After all he has the interest of the people of the Cayman Islands at heart.
    But Alden McLaughlin?!!! great day, he’s just dreaming of a white Christmas he’s anxious to occupy that Premier Seat. Ezzard is more qualified, and trustworthy, and more intelligent. Alden is just simply a spoiled boy that wants his toy, and he wants it now! when he gets a hold of his toy he’ll smash it up or throw it away just like he did before almost bankrupting the country. He’s had his chance.
    We need new blood in that seat or its deja vu all over again.
    Don’t ever call in a leader or call for new elections for more of the same it makes no sense.

    Ezzard Miller, means real change for the better and he is definitely a fiscal administrator. Try to get him in that seat and keep your foot on his neck too, none of them can be left alone without close observation, they have too much power to be left alone and unsensored.

  7. Im shocked. I actually agree with half of what tiger is saying for once.

    Although your theory on Ezzard Miller. Can’t agree or disagree. Never seen him in an actual leader position. So no way to tell.

    But ya, fiscally responsible people need to be held in the leadership position until the storm clears. That’s for sure.

  8. Please don’t try to use this idiotic strawman argument to big up Ezzard. Ezzard Miller is no less of a voter appeasing, non-principled, anti-expat (at lease now he is since he’s elected) clown than Alden. You may agree or disagree with this administration, but a no confidence motion? As if this government did absolutely _nothing_ right?? this is nothing more than pure gotcha (or gotcha back!) politics and its sickening in these times. There are some great projects in the works, Shetty, the Dock(s), agree or disagree. If you disagree, 2013 you can cast your vote. This no confidence is pure self oriented politics to appease and an extreme partisan euro-socialistic bunch

    The see these posters using this to prop up Ezzard is even more sickening. He opposes projects with hair splitting arguments, to insure no once gets credit he could other wise get for himself down the line. It makes me sick!

    Ezzard is worst than Mac because he’s deliberate in his destruction of plans and agenda purely for political self gain. If that means opposing projects, legislation, ex-pats (because its an easy way to get votes) he will do it, has done it, and continue to do it, then goes on the Rooster to beat his chest and trumpets just how moral and ethics bound he is.


  9. There is no prospect of this motion securing enough votes (a two thirds majority) to be passed. It is just a grand-standing exercise to allow Alden, Arden Co to get themselves in the press with some fiery rhetoric.

    I have plenty of criticisms of the way McKeeva runs his Government, but I have yet to hear the opposition articulate any realistic alternatives of their own.

    The phrase A plague on both your houses comes to mind

  10. Is this the same Ezzard Miller who brought the No Dive Zone to the North Side?

    The no dive zone regulations that destroyed any interest in resort development in the district?

    Resorts that would have provided some rather badly need jobs, and help to improve the over all economy of the North Side?

    It must be him. There can’t be too many Ezzard Millers running around Cayman, and Cayman quite clearly needs this sort of Man of Vision to be running the show.

    Back to the topic at hand, Im no fan of McKeeva either but Alden and Co are clearly the product of the Cayman education system and social promotion. They probably can’t muster a simple majority of the house to the this amendment never mind two-thirds. It’s simple arithmetic, and they failed before they got started.

  11. From a distance, each day the Cayman Islands politicians make the country appear more like Gullivers Island…to the outside world, that is.

    Little Lilliputan people who are big only on their little island but midgets in the real world.

    If half of the news reported is true, Cayman’s opposition party’s MLAs should be out spending their time helping their constituents with as many of their daily problems as they can…

    Not seeking to disrupt the current government’s running of the country with divisive and disruptive motions in the Parliament of the country.

    A vote of No Confidence is used very sparingly and only on serious issues by responsible politicians in countries much bigger than Cayman.

    In Alden McLaughlin’s hands its like handing a loaded pistol to a child by mistake, thinking its a toy gun.

    Does he think Cayman is Haiti or some other country where there is an elected government in name only ?

    Mr. McLaughlin will have to wait his turn to run Cayman into the ground again…

    Just like he did the last time.

  12. To Island Boy,

    Let the man work! oh yes as a matter of fact he’s working very hard, and even overtime. But working on what? selling out this country! making tax deals behind out backs because they promised something, here’s a man that does not give up anything for nothing, there’s something in it for him, trust me, US citizens with Cayman Status you have no business voting for this man he sold you out, threw a stone and is now hiding behind a tree saying I didn’t throw that Tax Rock, Obama did!. Even if it did ot come directly from the premier, he negotiated with Obama to sink everyone but himself, afterall he’s losing nothing, but gaining everything. Yes Alden its time to get this man out of office this is the last straw, selling us out to IRS this is enough, he did not stand up and 2013 is Cayman’s election year! Guess what that’s the year the tax law comes into affect, they will squeal on and rat out anyone who does not vote for the UDP so its better to get these rascals out of the house now. If they do not vote on it in the house Alden, GET SIGNATURES FROM THE PEOPLE, POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE L.A. VOTE. Why you would even start there is beyond my understanding. However, after you have succeded in ousting him be humble enough and sensible enough to allow Mr. Ezzard Miller to lead, we have already seen you in action you and the entire PPM really screwed up the public purse last time.

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