Letters to the Editor: Taxi operators respond

In response to the article that was published on 18 April, 2011, regarding ‘Rogue cabbies face licence loss’, it is our duty as the Board of the Cayman Islands Taxi & Tour Operators Association to inform the people of these Islands that there is only a handful of Taxi Operators that has allegedly overcharged passengers. Taxi Operators have played a big part in either building the tourism of this Island or continuing to build on it, proving themselves to be great Tourism Ambassadors and they should not be overlooked. The newly formed CITTOA Board has taken steps to make sure that these allegations are properly investigated and will do everything in our power to avoid any further situations of this nature.

Again, the Association recognises and commends the hard work and honesty of the Taxi Operators who make this destination such a memorable and enjoyable vacation spot, one of the few places that you can forget your purse or camera in a Taxi and find it is returned immediately when found, and people are not pushed or pulled or insulted because of the friendly personalities of our Taxi Operators – these are the people that play a great part in
keeping visitors returning to these shores. Let us not forget those Cabbies.

Paula P. Swaby Ebanks
Vice-president, CITTOA