Bringing some beauty 
to the morning commute

As part of an ongoing effort to beautify Cayman’s roadways, Island Heritage has adopted a roundabout on the Esterly Tibbetts bypass. The company, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this month, decided to give back to the community through the beautification project on the roundabout, which now features extensive landscaping.

In keeping with the heritage theme, the roundabout boasts a variety of indigenous plants, including the silver thatch palm, one of Cayman’s national symbols. Other plants include coconut palms, birch, seagrape, and buttonwood, with various flowering plants also featured to provide some additional colour.

Cayman’s heritage is also celebrated with a model of a traditional Caymanian house on the roundabout, complete with sand yard and a conch shell-lined walkway.

The official opening ceremony was attended by Minister for Community Affairs and Housing, Mike Adam, Island Heritage staff and invited guests.

“Having been involved through the roundabout’s development, I’m particularly thrilled with the finished product. We have had a good deal of positive feedback from the community on it and know that for years to come it will provide that reminder of Island Heritage’s vested interest in our community,” said Monique Bush, assistant marketing manager at Island Heritage.


The roundabout features a model of a traditional Caymanian house.
Photo: Eugene Bonthuys