Local law firm duped in scam

Fraudsters are now apparently targeting Cayman Islands law firms in attempts to obtain hundreds of
thousands of dollars illegally, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service..

Detective Chief Inspector Claudia Brady of the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit said those in the law profession should be
on the lookout for suspicious communication from people posing as overseas

“So far one law firm has fallen victim to the scam,” Chief Inspector Brady
said. “But we are aware that other firms are being targeted. That’s why people
need to be extra vigilant.

“People posing as overseas clients are contacting law firms
claiming that they want to retain their services. They say that they want the
law firm to act on their behalf to collect a debt from someone living on

“A short time after the law firm accepts the work the
‘debtor’ pays up – sending the law firm a high value US dollar check. It’s at
that point the ‘client’ asks for the money to be transferred to their overseas
account. When the ‘debtor’s’ check reaches the clearing bank it is found to be
fraudulent and the law firm is hundreds of thousands of dollars out of

Anyone who believes that they have been contacted by these
scammers, or who has fallen victim to this crime, should contact the Financial
Crime Unit at 949-8797.


  1. Any and All bankers that would fall for that scam deserve to not only lose their money, but deserve a good mule kick in the behind!

  2. Whilst not arguing with the comment that this seemed an amazingly dumb thing to do aren’t we talking about lawyers rather than bankers..?

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