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Comment on Editorial for 5 May

I would like to respond to this excellent editorial by Caycompass [about robbery attempt at Blackbeard’s].

This entire episode is a picture of truth for Cayman’s society, for those who are seeking the truth.

Every point raised in the editorial has its own truth to tell…

First of all, these citizens actions happen all the time on the spur of the moment; maybe not so often in any one country but they do happen.

These men reacted in a way that many others would have done, and for the same reasons and their explanation is highly plausible; so is their warning to other members of the public.

Secondly, at 17-18 years of age, it is clear that these two armed robbers are Caymanian lads.

They had to have been born in the Cayman Islands and that makes them Caymanian.

This puts to question the people who are quick to blame these type of crimes on expatriates first and to absolve their own; being caught red-handed will answer a lot of outstanding questions.

Thirdly, the editorial point of the education system bears out my reasoning; the editor accepts that these kids are the products of a broken and dysfunctional system and that situation needs to be addressed but…

The two men who apprehended these two armed robbers are Caymanian as well, from the same broken education system but…

The difference is; these men live by different principles.

They do not sit down and mourn their circumstances and plan to take from others; they get up everyday and do something honest for a living, they work at changing things in their own favour.

This is where the truth needs to touch every Caymanian, for things to ever change for the better.

Where a culture of dishonesty and greed has taken over Caymanian society is where this truth needs to be recognised.

Where the government and law enforcement systems have in place laws that forbid the reporting and recognition of apprehended suspects identities is where dishonesty is being rewarded.

Where there are no programs in place to galvanise these idle, uneducated youths who love material possessions and bling so is where dishonesty needs to be recognised.

A program of national service would do some of these lazy youths well; if you can point a gun and run as well in training as you can in robberies, your lazy behinds might do well on a proper cadet training ground as part of your sentencing with some proper drill instructors trained in unarmed combat.

A few well-applied bruises might well cure you of your love for taking from others what you have not worked for. But, Caymanians need to first look at their society in the mirror, with honest eyes.

After all, the four main players in this episode, two men on each side of the spectrum, are Caymanians, are they not?


  1. The guys who tackled the thugs are brave men but the affair could have ended badly if the apparently loaded shotgn had gone off. Seems to me that when anyone is convicted of a crime involving a firearm they should be sent to prison for a long time with no exceptions. The old law in the UK regarded unarmed accomplices in the same light as an armed criminal i.e they were also sentenced to a long jail term. Perhaps this concept should be revisited.

  2. Rockman

    That is a very sound concept, in princile.

    Until prosecutors start cutting plea bargain deals with co-conspirators.

    A recent horrendous murder case that was tried twice with the original person again convicted leaves many questions unanswered.

    I will never be convinced that those two co-conspirators should not have both been charged and convicted of that murder.

    No plea bargains in the case of serious crimes is what I say.

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