Wilson carries Stars

Sibling rivalry is a common part of sports. However it is a relatively rare thing in netball, making its presence in a recent playoff match intriguing.

Rosemarie Wilson and Rising Stars A recently went up against older sister Taneisha Wilson and Maples and Calder. The battle between the Wilson sisters was fierce as both were on opposite sides of the ball at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball courts. Rose, Goal Attack, would measure her shots over her taller sibling while Taneisha, Goal Defence, would try to out-position her baby sister.

Ultimately the younger Wilson would prevail as Rising Stars took down Maples 21-17. The contest was a third place consolation game put on by the Cayman Islands Netball Association. With the win Rising Stars place third in the playoffs while Maples end in fourth.

Though the play of the Wilsons took centre stage, a number of players did well. Rose had help on offence from veteran Goal Shooter Marcia Moiten and Wing Attack Mellisa Rankin. Taneisha got defensive support from Wing Defence Tajae Grey and Goal Keeper Katherine Maw.

For the record Maples showed great pace on offence. By and large the positioning and passing of GS Latoya Nixon, GA Catherine Anderson and WA Glenita Logan were on point. They would give WD Mariska Blackman, GD Tara Ramoon and GK Patrice Boothe lots to do for Rising Stars. However there were many missed shots, especially in the first half when the group managed just four points.

Two other interesting aspects were the centre court and bench play. Centres Georgia Linton of Rising Stars and Denicia Cranston of Maples both held their own. That even match-up helped Maples outscore their opponents in the second half 13-10. Interestingly that rally happened in spite of only two subs (Delicia Ebanks and Luisa Hernandez) compared to five subs for Rising Stars (Tricia Skyers-Palacio, Pheona Plummer, Fentine Powell, Casy Swaby and Wendy Evans).