Blessings invoked 
for our leaders

Representatives of the executive, civil service and the judiciary and other invited guests attended the 19th annual Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast at the Westin resort on Monday, 9 May, when blessings were invoked for the Islands’ leaders and people.

The breakfast is customarily held before a new legislature session (which begins Tuesday, 17 May) for the Throne Speech and Budget presentations.)

In her welcoming remarks, Speaker Mary Lawrence, stressed the need for all to put aside bitterness and division, and instead remain grateful for Cayman’s many blessings.

Acting Governor Donovan Ebanks, Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin, and Grand Court Justice Charles Quin read Bible texts.

Leading the gathering in prayer were Deputy Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, the Reverend Robert Thompson, Pastor Winston Rose and Pastor Wilton McDonald.

East End MLA Arden McLean made presentations to Rudy Myles and Katherine Jackson, who joined Melissa Smith and Samuel Rose in providing musical offerings.

Mr. McLean also made presentations to Assistant Clerk of the Assembly Nana Bothwell, who coordinates the event annually, and to Susan Merren for her parents Helen and Dr. Edlin Merren, an organiser of the event since its inception.

Gifts were also presented to Dionne Anglin and Director of Sports Collin Anglin.

As keynote speaker, Mr. Anglin received a standing ovation for his talk highlighting the benefits of having a personal relationship with God.

Mr. Anglin reiterated that personality is moulded by the company one keeps during childhood, the strong foundation a church-based upbringing provides and the need for forgiving others as well as oneself.

Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing Michael Adamgave the 
vote of thanks.


  1. I have to laugh to myself as I read this. Our leaders, who are destroying our Islands and benefiting from it are being prayed over, how ironic. What we need for cayman to truly prosper is well educated leaders and a seperation of church and state. Here’s a lesson in simple economics – to increase consumer spending and the flow of money in a country the leaders decrease taxes and duties – our brilliant leader decided to to just the opposite and now most of us live foot to mouth. Let me not get started on the fictitious numbers that he throws out to the public, we have not seen an annual report in over for years realease the 2009-2010 report and the proforma statements for 2010-2011 and maybe if they are reasonable, you’ll be believable.

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