Roland’s (new) Garden opens

Roland’s Garden is now open for business at the former Butterfly Farm on Lawrence Boulevard.

The unique establishment has expanded operations, too, and now features an eating area as well as a beer garden.

“We are really excited and happy that we are able to open after passing a few obstacles and delays. This is a beautiful location,” said Julian Schoefer, son of Chef Roland Schoefer.

The concept of the garden is that it is not a restaurant and has no set menus, but guests will be served a four- to five-course dinner designed and presented by the chef. In the words of Mr. Schoefer, ‘what I cook, that’s what you get.’

Long history

Mr. Schoefer’s long history with Cayman includes stints at the Lighthouse, Galleon, Treasure Island and Captain Morgan’s Steakhouse in George Town. The Cayman resident owned several restaurants and nightclubs in Germany and has also run establishments in California.

In 2004, Mr. Schoefer moved away from the day-to-day restaurant business and for the next six years served food to guests at his residence in East End. There was no set price for the food; instead, people paid what they felt was a fair price. This idea has carried over to the new location.

“This lush tropical jungle garden may not have butterflies left, but you can bring your own if you want. Over the next few weeks we hope to introduce a small, simple lunch and dinner menu to the Beer Garden with German-inspired dishes,” said Mr. Schoefer.

“The important thing is that we will retain the same ambience as Seven Mile Beach. We have found the perfect location here and because of the space we have realised Roland’s dream of opening a small beer garden with local beer Caybrew as well as Hoegaarden, all on tap.”

The establishment, which can hold 100 people between the two areas, is taking reservations and will be open six days a week. An addition to the previous location is that with a new kitchen, it can accommodate vegetarians on request.