Slammers square up at Mango Tree

This coming Monday marks a time to discover new things in Cayman. For those unfamiliar with calling key and slamming sixes it can be a time to find out about local dominoes.

The Cayman Islands Domino Association will be hosting a super knockout domino tournament this weekend. The Mango Tree will host matches on Sunday 15 May and Monday 16 May. All eight teams from the current national domino league are slated to take part in Archie’s, DLK bar, East End, Helium, Island All Stars, Kelly’s, Meringue Town and Singh’s Roti Shop.

Domino association public relations officer and Helium player Sheena Taylor states the long weekend is a time to showcase dominoes.

“Mango Tree will be host a domino tournament for the long weekend,” Taylor said. “All of the teams in the league have been randomly selected to play one another on the Sunday. Games are scheduled to start at about 2pm with a 100 point sprint.

“The semi-finals will be on the Monday and the winners face each other on that day. All in all it’s going to be a very exciting weekend in dominoes.”

News of the tournament comes as the national league wraps up. There is only one match day left (next Sunday 22 May) and most positions aside from first place are yet to be decided. East End won their last contest of the season and will emerge as Cayman’s undefeated domino champions for 2011. Behind team captain Billy McLaughlin, the squad went 13-0 and had over 60 points this year.

Prior to last weekend’s games the standings see Island All Stars in second place with 50 points, Archies in third place with 40 points (8-4 record), DLK in fourth with 40 points (8-5 mark), Kelly’s (5-8) fifth with 25 points, Helium (4-9) sixth with 20 points, Singh’s (3-9) seventh with 15 points and Meringue Town (2-12) eighth with 10 points.