Tamil memorial service Monday

A memorial service for Tamils takes place on
Monday, 16 May.

The service will be held at the South Sound
Community Hall from 6pm to 8pm and is in memory of victims of genocide by the
Lanka state army.

The service will include a silent prayer and
briefly explain the past, present and future of the event, explained organisers,
Karthickeyan Palasniapoon and Vivek Guinasekaran.

“It is not just for the Sri Lankans who
died; we want to raise a voice for all crimes against humanity. We are thinking
to help the community in Cayman also in some sort of

“The war crimes were a hidden story that had
never been told because of the war; no journalists, press or international
agencies were allowed to go inside [the country]. Right now, there are a lot of
clippings and videos coming out of Sri Lanka through troops that have taken
[footage] on mobile phones,” explained Mr.


The United Nations report on events in
Lanka was presented on 31 March. A resolution
motion was presented to the UN on May 10 for a debate to follow up on the

“Even the UN don’t have the freedom to go to
Lanka to see what happened,” added Mr.

Memorial services are taking place in around
32 countries worlwide, including the United
States, Canada, Great
Britain, India and Australia.

There are an estimated 100 Tamil-speaking
people in Cayman.