Four arrested in drugs bust

Police arrested four men and seized almost 275 pounds of ganja following a chase off the north coast of Cayman on Saturday night, 14 May.

Shortly after 10pm, officers on maritime patrol sighted a Jamaican canoe.

The police helicopter was called in and the marine boat intercepted the canoe, which was carrying four Jamaicans, following a short pursuit.

Police found the ganja on a beach where the vessel was first sighted.

The four men were arrested for illegal entry into the Cayman Islands and on suspicion of importing drugs. They remained in police custody Tuesday morning.

“This is yet another example of how the RCIPS combined resources of the Air Operations Unit and our joint marine assets are successfully protecting our borders and preventing illegal drugs reaching the dealers and streets of the Cayman Islands,” said Superintendent Kurt Walton.

“This latest intervention should send a very clear message to anyone thinking about bringing drugs or guns into our country,” he added.


  1. Excellent job RCIP.

    Jamaica do need to be sent a message that they have to do more to stop their nationals violation of our territory. If they insist that the USA do more to stop guns being sent to their country, we must insist they do more to stop drugs and guns being transported to ours. These boats should not get this far. The strip of water between Cayman and Jamaica is a narrow corridor which could easily be covered by two roving patrol boats directed by a radar control center.. This is a case where these criminals should be in double jeopardy. 1. For entering our Territory illegally 2. for leaving their territory illegally.

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