Cayman Drama Society brings Spain to Cayman

Billy Idol had a White Wedding, while Jennifer Connolly starred in The House of Sand and Fog. 

(Huh? You’ll see…) 

Well, in Cayman, it’s a little different – we have Blood Wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba, two classic works by the Spanish playwright Frederico Garcia Lorca. 

(Now, do you get it? No? Moving on.) 

The Cayman Drama Society plays, directed by Nick Dereza, will be staged at the Prospect Playhouse on Thursday, 26 May, through Sunday, 29 May, and Thursday, 2 June, through Sunday, 5 June – eight shows total. 

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Blood Wedding is a story about, well, er, a wedding that gets bloody, and The House of Bernarda Alba details the dramas of women in rural Spain. 

Actors’ takes  

Adam Cockerill plays Leonardo in Blood Wedding – he’s a six-foot, seven-inch man who’s built for the role. 

“I’m an extrovert and an attention-seeker. Why wouldn’t I want to get on stage and make as much noise as I can for an audience?” he says. “It means a great deal to me that they enjoy our performance – the play is for them, as much, if not more so, as it is for the cast.” 

Sloane Pharr is one of the lead actress in both plays. She’s being rewarded by acting in these productions in more ways than one. 

“Its been a while since I participated in a play and I missed it,” she says. “Being rather new to the island, I am thrilled to have met such wonderful people.” 

Mr. Director  

As for the director – “Nick’s a pussycat,” jokes Julie Ann Hilton. She plays the mother in Blood Wedding. 

“Nick is very creative and has clear ideas about he wants but is also generous enough to change things if he sees another idea that works well,” she adds. 

All the cast seem to love their talented director, and not just because he gave them roles. 

“Nick’s a great director to work with,” says Abbey Le Cornu (The Wife in Blood Wedding). “He has such a great vision of both plays, and he’s really passionate about it when he is relaying this to the cast. It’s really rewarding to work with someone who can provide such detailed direction.” 

But let’s allow him to speak for himself. 

“Blood Wedding is total theatre – the nature, imagery, poetry, symbolism, themes, music and dance, as well as wonderful characters like the Moon and Death,” he says. “And in Bernarda Alba, we move to an all-female play that is equally brilliant with strong characters and a fantastic study of wanting to break out and not be controlled.” 

And he adores the cast. 

“I knew this would be a wonderful group of people to work with from the first audition,” he says, and means it. “It has been tricky for the cast working on two very different shows and, to be honest, that has split me in half as well, so I have had to put more trust in this lovely cast.” 

He trusts… 

So come out – bring your family, bring your loved ones, your neighbours, your friends, your grandmother, your dog… not the dog. Not this time, at least.  

  For more information about the plays, visit Tickets can be purchased by calling 949-5054 and 525-5054 or by clicking here


From left, Hannah Cook, Kristine Gray and Valerie Hoppe rehearse a scene from Blood Wedding.
Photo: Brian Wright
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