Papermans opens new outlet

Paperman’s coffee house has opened a new branch in Midtown Plaza.

Proprietor Paul Storey said that with the new government building and the redevelopment of Elgin Avenue, it would add to their potential customer base.

“We have been open for close to five years in [the other location] of The Strand and have a good local following; we get great reviews in TripAdvisor.”

The new location has a familiar feel, with similar decor and original posters similar to those at the Strand outlet, which Mr. Storey describes as ‘a European coffee house with a tropical flavour.’

“Although we do impact from tourism in The Strand, it is people who work in the tourism industry. We definitely do get a lift in the high winter months,” he said.

Mr. Storey said the idea to expand had been around for a while.

“We have been looking for a long time at locations and had lots of discussions but nothing came up as strong as this. The visibility, the proximity to the financial district and the amount of people who come by every day [is great]. Elgin Avenue is a great corridor now; we appreciate our proximity to Cricket Square and the Brasserie, which does a terrific job.

“We were very hesitant over the last year about actually going and doing it, but every now and then you have a great day that comes out of nowhere, in May or in October, where you know it’s going to be fine,” said Mr. Storey, referring to the recent recession.

He added that there had been good support from the suppliers and that as default anchor tenants in the new development, people were inevitably drawn to the coffee house.

The Cayman store is named after the main character, Norman Paperman, in Herman Wouk’s 1964 novel, Don’t Stop the Carnival, a tale about a New York native relocating to a small tropical island to take over the running of a hotel.


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