Every dog gets its day 
on the beach Saturday

The Humane Society needs volunteers for a beach day for all the dogs at the shelter on Saturday, 28 May.

The event is planned as the farewell for long-term volunteer Julie Ridsdale, who will be leaving Cayman on 6 June. When asked what she wanted to do for a farewell, Ms Ridsdale said the ideal gift would be to see all the dogs in the shelter be able to enjoy a beach day.

Anyone willing to take a dog to the beach on Saturday is asked to visit the Humane Society shelter on North Sound Road to pick up a dog during the course of the day. Although volunteers can take dogs to the beach at any time, there will be refreshments available at Seven Mile Public Beach from 9am to 1pm.

“Our dog-walking programme is one of the most important things the volunteers can do,” said Ms Ridsdale.

“The dogs do not get out too much during the week as most people work and can only afford time on the weekends. By the time Saturday rolls around, they are very anxious to get out of their kennels, especially now while we are so overcrowded. It is very important that every dog gets a walk on Saturday and Sunday to get rid of some energy and anxiety.”

Apart from helping dogs get rid of excess energy, the beach walks have also helped some dogs find homes.

“We have had several instances where a dog was seen while out with a volunteer and it brought the potential adopter to the shelter. Our most recent instance was just a couple of weeks ago when a dog, Tiger, was on the beach with a volunteer. A visitor saw him and fell in love. Within the week Tiger was being flown to his new home in Pennsylvania,” said Ms Ridsdale.

Another way in which volunteers can assist the Humane Society is by fostering a cat or dog. Ms Ridsdale, who along with her husband Mike Ridsdale has fostered many dogs through the years, is currently fostering a dog from the Humane Society. Although her own dog Storm will be going with her when she leaves, the Humane Society will have to find a new foster home for Annie, who is extremely shy and would benefit immensely from spending time in a home environment with other well balanced dogs.

Even those who do not feel up to long term foster parenthood can help by participating in the sleepover programme.

“The dogs especially can really benefit from a break away from the shelter. In addition to our foster programme, we also have a sleepover programme where you can sign a dog out for a night or several nights. This programme is heavily utilised during holiday weekends when people have a little more time away from work to spend with the animal,” said Ms Ridsdale.

For information on any of the Humane Society’s programmes, visit caymanislandhumanesociety.com or call 949