Compass hits the street Tuesday


    The initiative is designed to give readers the opportunity to buy the day’s newspaper on their way to work without getting out of the car. 

    Eight locations in the most heavily trafficked areas of George Town, Seven Mile Beach and West Bay have been identified as vending points. Agents will be stationed at these locations from 7.30am to 9am weekdays in order to catch the morning commuters. 

    Agents, easily identifiable by their bright yellow vests, will be stationed at Kings Gym roundabout, Bobby Thompson Way, José’s Esso Service Station, the four-way stop on Smith Road, Jacques Scott on Shedden Road, Wendy’s on West Bay road, the four-way stop in West Bay and on South Church Street.  

    Cayman Free Press, publisher of the Caymanian Compass, introduced a similar scheme for a brief time in the wake of Hurricane Ivan in 2004, when the newspaper was distributed on the streets.  

    “Since then we have received many requests for this service to be revived, so due to popular demand the initiative is being reintroduced,” said Brian Uzzell, managing director of Cayman Free Press.  

    Premier McKeeva Bush has endorsed the initiative, saying “Cayman Free Press is a long-established company in the Cayman Islands and the Caymanian Compass has become the newspaper of record over the years… The Compass does a good job of presenting the news accurately and fairly.” 

    street vending project is designed to complement, not replace, the
    current distribution network. It is hoped that by making the newspaper
    available in more locations, people will find it easier to obtain their
    copy and the paper can therefore reach a wider audience. The regular
    price (50 cents Monday -Thursday, and 75 cents on Friday) remains the
    same on the street or in retail outlets. Cayman Free Press will be
    launching various exclusive print copy promotions and competitions over
    the coming months. Watch out for the ‘Paper and Patty’ promotion soon.

    Motorists – and pedestrians – will be able to buy their copy of the Caymanian Compass from street vendors starting Tuesday.   

    Premier Bush pointed out that there are other benefits to the initiative. 

    “It will not only make the newspaper more easily accessible, but will also provide job opportunities for Caymanians,” he said. 

    For additional information on the initiative, or if you are interested in a street vending agent role, contact David Logue, operations manager of Cayman Free Press on 325-6822. 



    1. Well, I surely hope that the people who will be getting jobs because of these are Caymanians, and my fellow Caymanians aren’t too proud to take these jobs.

      I also hope that these hardworking folks who are doing these jobs do not get robbed. Please place some kind of guards in the areas where these vendors will be located!

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