Editorial for 30 May: Enough mangoes 
for everyone

It’s that special time of year again in the Cayman Islands.

It’s mango season.

Already we’re seeing enterprising youngsters set up makeshift mango stands along the roadsides plying their sweet wares in the forms of all different kinds of the fruit.

Mangoes are plentiful this year, especially in the outer districts.

And already there has been much beggin’ and teefin’.

While some people will happily hand over a dollar or two for a taste of this delicious tropical fruit, others with ask to beg one or two from those who grow mangoes each year.

Then there are others who don’t ask. They simply trespass and take what they want. That is stealing and it’s wrong.

Most people who grow mangoes in their back yards are more than happy to share the fruits of their labour.

Whether you have your own trees, buy them from a roadside stand, pick them up at Market on the Grounds at the Agriculture Pavilion on Saturday morning or purchase them from a supermarket, know that you are getting a tasty and healthy piece of fruit.

Some little known facts about mangoes: 

The phenols in mangoes as well as the abundant enzymes have healing and cancer-preventive capacities.

And it’s good for diabetics, a disease that affects many people in Cayman. Mango leaves are said to help normalise insulin levels in the blood. Boil a few mango leaves in water and allow it to saturate through the night. Drink it in the morning for a diabetic home remedy.

Pregnant women and people who suffer from anaemia benefit from mangoes because of the fruit’s iron content.

The pulp of mango can even be used for a facial.

And last but not at all least, mangoes aid with digestion because the enzymes clean the digestive system and are said to be an ideal antidote for toxic effects inside the body.

So go get some mangoes (legally) and enjoy!