Five show up for gun amnesty meeting

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said Tuesday it was disappointed at the turnout during the first in a series of public meetings held on the department’s gun amnesty programme.

Despite the increase in armed robberies and the outcry over gun crime, police said just five members of the public turned up at the George Town district meeting Tuesday night.

In the meeting, held at the Mary Miller Memorial Hall, the five residents listened to the panel and contributed to the discussion – but officers said even the residents were dumbfounded by the lack of interest shown in relation to the issue.

“There could be many 
reasons why people couldn’t come out tonight,” said RCIPS Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “But I think it’s fair to say that we were all very disappointed by the low turnout.”

The meetings had been advertised in the Caymanian Compass, as well as all other broadcast and media outlets in the week prior to the meetings being held. Those notices went out mainly over the long holiday weekend, between Friday, 1 July, and Monday, 4 July. “Where were all the people who make comment in the blogs or on the talk shows; where were the people who push day in and day out for the RCIPS to find solutions to the gun crime issues?

“We have said time and time again that the RCIPS cannot do this alone. We need to work with the community, we need buy-in and support from the community.

“I would encourage anyone who has an interest in keeping Cayman safe to come along to one of the remaining meetings.

“Finally, I would like to personally thank the five community-minded people who made the effort to come along tonight to share their concerns and discuss the way forward. They are all committed to working with us – it’s a start but we need much, much more!”

The panel, Mr. Bodden, Supt. Kurt Walton, CI Frank Owens and Mr. Michael Myles, the At Risk coordinator from the Department of Education, discussed issues such as the evolution of gun crime, youth intervention, Cayman culture versus gun crime and gun issues specific to the George Town area.

The remaining meetings will be held at: Wednesday, 6 July, 7.30 to 8.30pm Sir John A Cumber PS, West Bay Thursday, 7 July, 7.30 to 8.30pm Webster Memorial Hall, Bodden Town Monday, 11 July, 7.30 to 8.30pm Civic Centre, East End Tuesday, 12 July, 7.30 to 8.30pm Cradock Ebanks Civic Centre, North Side Wednesday, 13 July, 7.30 to 8.30pm Layman Scott High School Hall, Cayman Brac Thursday, 14 July, 7.30 to 8.30pm Hurricane Shelter, Little Cayman


  1. @BODDEN,
    I always find your comments so ignorant! I

    How can you comment if you did not even get off in front of your computer and attended!!!!!

    I attended the meeting in West Bay last night and everyone there found the panel very interesting and appreciated all their plans and afford, also the passion these men have to get the job done. REMEMBER the paper cannot report on everything discussed. The meeting ran 2 and a half hours. The Minister of Education was also in the audience and they have a fantastic project where they will hopefully stop this gun crime from the roots.

    It is one thing to sit at home and comment everyday about the Government, it is another to get out of your seat and contribute to the solution.
    Be part of the Solution, not the problem. Being a Police Officer is a thankless job, people only look to them when there is crime, not when they prevented things from happening.

  2. MB,
    You are so wrong and Bodden is Right on this. It is obvious that the police is not effective in fighting crime in the Cayman Islands and the most serious of crime the gun trade causing robberies killings and devastation in our society.
    Its no need for anybody to praise them too fast for seizing 47 guns. If they don’t know where the 47 guns came from they have failed sorrowfully. This reent press release I saw in CNS is just a stunt to fool the public. Untill Ccomissioner Baines can arrest and imprison the bastard that is accumulating wealth from selling guns to our youth or handing the guns to them
    just to cause insurrections in our society then Baines NEEDS TO FIND HIMSELF A REAL JOB. He is not effective and he has has two years to prove he can indeed make a difference. He has NOT!
    Seizing the guns is one thing. But if they are so unprofessional and untrained that CcomissionerBaines and his RCIP CANNOT bring in the King Pin who is rotten rich from the gun trade then this 47 guns seized means NOTHING! WE NEED OUR BOARDERS SECURED!Baines has failed.
    Reel in this Big Fish dealing guns, I don’t care if he’s an elected official, a politician, a friend of a politician or a Police or Customs officer We will not help you until you arrest this person that is responsible for all these murders, yes the person SELLING THE GUNS TO THE THUGS ON THE STREET. When is his next big shipment due to arrive, Baines are you smart enough to find out? Is it by air sea or land?
    Baines are you smart enough to seize the ship whether cruise ship or luxury yacht, or private jet and auction them off to balance the budget? If not you need to go back to school
    We already know who the thugs are doing the shooting but who is telling them to do that and who is putting the guns into their hands. They can’t afford it. They’re crack heads some of them so their pocket changes goes into their stomach supporting their habit. Baines have your RCIP officers interrogated them enough when they are arrested to get a name?
    Read my lips ‘ A NAME! if not BAINES YOU HAVE FAILED!

  3. DUBAI,

    I hope you visit one of the Police meetings then and tell them all this. My point was sitting here an moaning every day does nothing.

    I know the Gun Crime is out of hand and more is needed to be done, that is why I went to the meeting. I retired here in March after planning it for a year. The main reason I brought my family here was due to the low crime rate and good living.
    I would like to see a CRIME Free Cayman and will help the Police as much as I can.

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