Nightclubs want longer hours

 There’s a fine line between Friday night and Saturday morning and many nightclub owners on Grand Cayman would like to see that line extended.

 Some club owners are petitioning the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman to have their opening hours extended until 3.30 and 4 in the morning. They also want to be allowed to sell liquor until 3am on Saturdays.

 Others suggest that the bars be allowed to close whenever the manager on the night wishes to shut shop for the day.

 On the other hand, wording in the National Crime Reduction Strategy suggests nightclubs should close at 1am every night. The suggestion comes from the strategy, which is tasked at finding ways to reduce crime in the Cayman Islands.

 The nightclub owners argue that earlier closing times cut into their business and therefore their profit.

 Life hasn’t been made any easier recently for club and bar owners because the cost of doing business from work permits to utilities has increased.

 Most people who go out to clubs do so well after dark and would prefer longer hours of operation, but we think staying open until 4 in the morning is a bit of a stretch.

 If the Cayman Islands is going to allow nightclubs to operate, there should be sufficient time allowed for them to attract patrons and make a profit.

 While we haven’t had much crime at or near nightclubs or bars reported recently, it has been a problem in the past.

 Nightclub owners and managers have to prove to the Liquor Licensing Board that they can effectively manage their clubs and patrons, including refusing to serve underage drinkers.

 If the owners and managers don’t do a better job of policing underage drinking, then the strategy has recommended licensing beverage servers to head off the potential they might serve alcohol to those who are younger than 18.

 That would surely lead to another expense that the individual nightclubs would have to absorb, cutting further into any profits.

 Hopefully we’ll get a decision about the extended hours in September.

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