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Department of Commerce and Investment reminds Liquor Licence holders of deadline to renew

Grand Cayman Liquor Licence holders, including those with music and dancing licences, are reminded of the upcoming Annual Liquor Licensing Meeting which will be held on 13 September, 2021.

Restaurateurs seek to reopen COVID-closed venues

Several applicants came forward at Monday's Liquor Licensing Board meeting seeking licences that would allow them to return to business in those sites.

Police: ‘We expect someone to be stabbed, shot or killed at Bananas’

The operator of Bananas restaurant and bar asked Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board on Tuesday to revoke its nightclub status, in light of George Town’s spike in late-night, alcohol-related violence.

Police: Bar owners warned for prosecution as crowds flock to pubs

Police over the weekend found bar staff and sometimes angry customers breaching the Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 Regulations that are currently in place, according to an RCIPS press release issued late Tuesday. 
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Archie’s liquor licence pulled

Constance Dixon, the owner of Archie’s Bar and Restaurant, said she is furious the Liquor Licensing Board has pulled the plug on her business selling alcoholic drinks.

Liquor board reviews long list of requests

The Liquor Licensing Board attended a full house on Monday, with 28 applications appearing before the annual general meeting.

Streamlined liquor licensing renewals announced

Applying for a renewal of a liquor licence is becoming simpler.

Blanket liquor extension for licensed premises

The Liquor Licensing Board has approved a blanket extension for bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels for New Year’s Eve.

Boards, public workers to be protected from ‘negligence’

The Cayman Islands government will seek to change the law to protect both appointed members of statutory authority boards and government workers who serve those agencies from legal liability arising from certain negligent actions.

Sunday liquor licenses approved

A dozen liquor stores and gas stations have been granted licenses to sell alcohol on Sundays under a new licensing regime.

End in sight for Sunday liquor sales saga

The long-running saga of whether Sunday alcohol sales can be permitted at gas stations and liquor stores may be resolved this week with the Liquor Licensing Board committing to deal with a backlog of applications.

Lawmakers indemnify CIMA, liquor boards

“Bad faith” decisions made on behalf of Cayman Islands government-appointed boards will not receive legal protection, Premier Alden McLaughlin declared Friday.

Changes to liquor law coming

Government is planning changes to the Liquor Licensing Law to deal with inconsistencies over who can sell beer, wine and spirits on Sundays.

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Today we feature highlights from some of what we consider to be the most compelling and important editorials that appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2017, dealing with some of the most pressing matters facing our country.

Letters – Giving a voice to the people

The free exchange of ideas is a necessary component of any healthy democracy. That is why the Compass reserves space in each issue for readers and leaders to share their perspectives as letters to the editor.

Dancing, music ban jeopardizes New Year’s Eve parties at hotels

A prohibition on Sunday dancing and live music at restaurants and bars will also apply to hotels this New Year’s Eve, Liquor Licensing Board Chairman Noel Williams confirmed on Wednesday.

No dancing or music allowed in Cayman on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday, triggering 40-year-old legislation that prohibits dancing and music on that day of the week.

MAIL CALL: Sunday liquor sales

Should Sunday liquor sales be liberalized in Cayman? Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen outlines competing viewpoints.
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Audit: Liquor Board reversed decision, altered minutes

An inquiry into Grand Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board has concluded that it approved a gas station’s application to sell alcohol on Sundays, then quietly reversed the decision and doctored official records.

Another twist in ‘untenable’ liquor license situation

The six-month saga of a Red Bay convenience store’s efforts to obtain a license to sell alcohol on Sundays took another odd twist late last week when a government employee suddenly appeared at a local lawyer’s office with a $1,000 check.

Internal document: Liquor Board approved Sunday alcohol sales at Peanuts

An internal document from the Department of Commerce and Investment appears to confirm that the Liquor Licensing Board granted permission to Red Bay convenience store Peanuts to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Sunday alcohol sales: Church ministers’ letter to governor revealed

The Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman faced significant pressure over a decision to allow petrol stations to sell alcohol on Sundays, according to documents obtained by the Cayman Compass.

EDITORIAL – Accounting for the liquor board’s audit

What troubles us – and also, apparently, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Minister of Commerce Joey Hew – is the manner in which the Liquor Licensing Board has handled (mishandled?) Peanuts’ application for the retail license.

Government owed $9 million in unpaid garbage fees

The Cayman Islands has piled up $8.9 million in unpaid garbage fees and the vast majority of that amount is likely uncollectable.

EDITORIAL – ‘Peanuts’ license: One story, two versions

Our drama begins in December 2016, when the Liquor Licensing Board granted Mr. Rutty a “package license” to sell alcohol at Peanuts Monday through Saturday but, importantly, not on Sundays.

6 liquor licenses granted to gas stations, 1 to sell on Sundays

Six new liquor licenses have been granted to gas stations, including one to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Liquor sales at gas stations

I am publicly calling for an investigation by Minister Wayne Panton into the cabinet order 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2010 regarding the prohibition of gas stations obtaining liquor licenses.

New Year’s Eve hours extended for clubs, bars, hotels

New Year’s Eve, which falls on a Saturday night this year, will essentially be treated as a Friday night as far as liquor sales and operating hours are concerned, according to the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

Liquor store owners fear for their future

Granting liquor licenses to a local gas station/Burger King complex in Prospect will open a “Pandora’s Box” that could eventually “kill off” locally operating liquor stores, three store owners told the Liquor Licensing Board Monday.

EDITORIAL – Filling stations: Should gasoline and alcohol mix?

Philosophically, we aren’t in favor of having more or fewer retailers. We do support free enterprise and capitalism. “Should gas stations be selling liquor?” As far as the free market is concerned, here’s an equally valid question: “Should liquor stores be installing gas pumps?”
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Not happy about noise

Did you know that the Liquor Licensing Board gave permission for an establishment on Smith Road to play music disturbing the residential neighborhoods until 3 in the morning? Question: Should it be the board that grants such a permission or the neighborhood?

Liquor Licensing Board chairman quits after 10 months

The chairman of Grand Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board has resigned after 10 months in the position. Commerce Minister Wayne Panton confirmed Monday that Campbell Law had left the board, citing other pressing responsibilities.

EDITORIAL – Extended bar hours: Prudent policy or ‘one for the road’?

Later hours for bars and nightclubs may provide opportunities for partiers and business owners to celebrate, but may also lead to additional headaches … for police.

Nightclub, bar hours extended

Late-night revelers have reason to celebrate now that operating hours for bars and nightclubs have been extended by an hour.

Liquor board: Shaken, stirred, freshened up

The entertainment industry is too vital a part of Cayman’s economy to become a playing field for political football.

Longtime liquor licensing chairman replaced in board shake-up

A new Liquor Licensing Board is ushered in, along with a new regime for local liquor-related businesses.

Fireworks to usher in new year

Expect plenty of fireworks around New Year's Eve.

Extra hour for licensed premises on New Year's Eve

The Liquor Licensing Board granted revisions to a number of licenses after hearing applications at its quarterly meeting Friday.

Liquor license holders get extended 'grace period'

Cayman Islands liquor license holders who do not currently own or operate a liquor-related business will now get up to five years to retain those licenses, during which time they can apply for a business license.

Keep an eye on lawmakers this week

Legislators are expected to tackle several significant pieces of legislation that could potentially alter the political and economic fabric of our country.

Busy week of bills for lawmakers

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly is set to be inundated this week with bills seeking massive change to the country’s business culture and its political election system.

Bill seeks to eliminate liquor license 'black market'

Sweeping changes proposed for Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Law seek to end what government and business leaders have often described as the “black market” for liquor licenses.

Several tourism improvements discussed with liquor board

A number of new developments in the tourism and restaurant business were discussed during Thursday’s meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

Liquor board schedules annual meeting

Renewal of licenses for liquor, music and dancing are on the agenda at the upcoming Liquor Licensing Board’s annual meeting.

Police: Liquor law 'inadequate' to deal with problem bars

Police say they are "restricted" in carrying out investigations at problem bars and nightclubs.

A changing of the guard at CIMA

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has undergone a major shake-up ... but, frankly, not the one which we had anticipated.

Liquor licensing renewal deadline nears

Liquor licensing holders, including those holding music and dancing licenses, have until Aug. 14 to renew the licenses.

Liquor stores add security after robberies

A series of late-night liquor store robberies on Grand Cayman are frightening workers and patrons and costing businesses money for security upgrades.

Liquor board roundup: No Whiskey Mist on the sidewalk

Several decisions were made Friday by the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

New Year's Eve hours extension available

Cayman Islands bars and clubs can stay open one hour later than normal on New Year's Eve.

Longer nightclub hours nixed

A local club's bid to stay open until 4 a.m. every night is rejected by the Liquor Licensing Board.

'Dream' wants out of nightmare

One of Cayman's most popular night spots is working on improved security and tighter restrictions.

Following liquor license dispute, Elements nightclub closes

Elements Lounge nightclub is temporary closing following a dispute with its liquor licence owner.

Lack of newspaper ads forces special liquor board meeting

Last month's mix up over several requested liquor licensing changes appears to have been resolved.

Licensing decisions delayed over ‘ad mix-up’

Several Grand Cayman businesses find their liquor licensing approvals held up by a bureaucratic mix-up.

Noise complaints voiced at licensing board meeting

During its annual general meeting, the Liquor Licensing Board hears concerns about noise from several local venues.

Hamaty: Past time for Liquor Board change

Tortuga founder says small size of country no excuse for direct conflicts of interest.

Liquor board chair says he’s being targeted for removal

The chairman of Grand Cayman's liquor licensing board says an effort to remove him is under way.

Get serious about corruption

Corruption kills countries. It's what separates Denmark and South Korea from Somalia and North Korea.

New liquor licenses for hotel, boats

Among applications approved in the latest Liquor Licensing Board meeting are the granting of liquor licenses for two boats and a new hotel.

Risque photos taken at club investigated

Police and the local liquor board are looking into some sexually explicit photos taken at a nightclub party last weekend.

Liquor license renewals set for August

Liquor license renewals must be submitted by August 18.

Time to end Cayman-style prohibition

Minister Wayne Panton is absolutely correct when he says the moratorium on liquor licenses created a "black market" for the selling and renting of the government permits.

New liquor licenses could be up for grabs

Cayman may open the application process for liquor licenses later this year.

Liquor board approves majority of applications

The Liquor Licensing Board saw more than a dozen applications at its quarterly session last week.

Sound policy: Dealing with nocturnal noise

Loud noise from bars can be a real nuisance, but Cayman's liquor licensing system has much deeper flaws.

Bars to turn down the bass

An ongoing fued between Seven Mile Beach condominium owners and late-night bars along the strip has been turned down a notch after a decision by the Liquor Licensing Board to set an acceptable late-night noise level.

Condo owners want to pull plug on loud music

Owners from six condominiums along Seven Mile Beach will meet with the Liquor Licensing Board on Thursday in an attempt to enforce tougher laws on noise control.

Another GT ‘session’ busted

Another illegal 'session' is busted by police in George Town.

Mobile bar license bid dries up for liquor board chief’s son

Conflict of interest allegations linger over the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

Sobering warning over nightclub crime reports

A Grand Cayman nightclub located in a shopping mall at the center of a high-traffic tourism area reported 11 incidents of crime to police since June.

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