Risque photos taken at club investigated

Images of two women appearing to engage in sexual acts with each other inside a Grand Cayman nightclub that were placed on social media and distributed via email are being investigated by local police and the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

It is believed that the photos were taken last weekend inside a local club during a private party.

“We have received a complaint and we are looking into it,” said Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, adding that officers would review a number of potential criminal issues in connection with the matter. “Indecent exposure is one and depending on what has taken place, other offenses will be considered.”

If the photos distributed on various social media sites and emails are determined to be pornographic, it could give rise to other issues under the Penal Code, police said.

Liquor Licensing Board Chairman Mitchell Welds, who was provided with a copy of the photos Tuesday, said he would have the liquor board inspector look into the matter to determine what occurred.

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“The liquor license premises owners should be versed in the … law, which says nothing about these types of behaviors [being] acceptable,” Ms. Howell said.

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  1. Unfortunately this type of thing probably isn’t unusual. If you look at the dance style of most of the younger generation they all simulate sexual activity, just look at any video channel or even check out the activity during carnival. Everyone is bumping, grinding, Winding and dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor. While it may be offending to some people and even inappropriate, I don’t see where the crime is unless they were actually involved in the act or unclothed. Right now there are much bigger issues going on to worry about and investigate, we don’t have time for this nonsense.

  2. Eternal conflict between carnal desires (subconscious) and morality (conscious) will never be solved.
    The subconscious will always win, in one form or another. The conflict between former and latter often leads to neurosis in one form or another.
    Legal and regulated prostitution could help many to avoid mental breakdowns. Just look at the latest mass shooting in California.
    On the other hand, almost every married man on this island is single when it suits him. Speaking of morality.