New liquor licenses for hotel, boats

Among applications approved in the latest Liquor Licensing Board meeting are the granting of liquor licenses for two boats and a new hotel, and the transfer of a license from West Bay’s Morgan’s Harbour restaurant to its new site at the Yacht Club. 

Approved submissions included: Noel March’s application for a retail liquor license for a marine vessel; Michael Alberga’s request for a retail liquor license and music and dancing license for his private marine vessel; and Michael Brown’s application for a hotel liquor license and music and dancing license for the Riviera, located at the site of the former Casa Bertmar/Coconut Harbor dive hotel, which dated back to the 1970’s.  

After sustaining major damage in 2001’s Hurricane Michelle, the property remained shut until developers Ben Fisher and Michael Brown turned it into the Riviera resort. 

“We’ve been operating for a hotel tourist resort for the last year, and now we’re ready to launch our food and beverage section,” Mr. Brown told the Liquor Licensing Board on Friday. 

A reshuffle of local restaurants also became apparent during Friday’s meeting when Richard Schweiger, owner of Morgan’s Harbour restaurant in West Bay, which closed its doors recently, was granted approval to move his liquor license and music and dancing license to Yacht Drive, a site currently owned by Dart. 

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Meanwhile, Joelle McCrae’s application to change the location of his retail liquor license and music and dancing license to open up a new establishment in the Morgan’s Harbour site vacated by Mr. Schweiger was also approved. 

“Mr. Schweiger has vacated the Morgan’s Harbour premises and we’ll be taking that over after a short period of some renovations …,” Mr. McCrae said, adding that the new site should open “sometime in September.” 

Mr. McCrae also raised complaints about the previous owners retaining the name “Morgan’s Harbour” for their restaurant, even though they were moving to a new location outside of Morgan’s Harbour.  

Mitchell Welds, chairman of the board, asked Mr. McCrae if he was planning to keep the old name of the restaurant.  

“Do you plan to keep the name the same? … We have another application from the present owners … where they are asking to move their license and they’ve asked to keep the name Morgan’s Harbour Bar and Restaurant,” said Mr. Welds. 

Mr. McCrae responded, “The location of this restaurant is Morgan’s Harbour. We can all agree to that … but I don’t see where it benefits him to keep Morgan’s Harbor name when moving to a premises at the Yacht Club.”  

He added, “If it is necessary to not include the name Morgan’s Harbour by all means, I’ll be open to that.”  

Mr. Welds said the board would deliberate to discuss the issue and give further recommendations later.  

Other variations approved at the meeting included: Bryce Merren’s application to transfer his liquor and music and dancing license to Daniel O’Hara for the Temptation Lounge located at Alissta Towers in George Town, and Shruty Garrison’s application to make alterations to the licensed premises of Icoa Fine Foods on Seven Mile Shops.  

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