Police nab 38 in crackdown

Police have launched an operation to crack down on drug use, car thefts, underage drinking, DUI and driving offenses.

According to a statement released by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services last week, 14 people were arrested and 24 ticketed for a variety of offenses in the first two weeks of the operation, which launched on June 6.

Among those arrested were one person for possession of a large quantity of ganja with intent to supply, four people on suspicion of possession of ganja, one for possession of drug utensils and possession of a prohibited weapon, two for theft of a motor vehicle – two suspected stolen motorbikes were recovered – three for going equipped to steal, two for DUI, and one for driving without insurance.

Police also ticketed 16 people during the operation for using a mobile telephone while operating a vehicle and one for using a vehicle with tinted windows that failed to conform to the prescribed standard. Seven other tickets were issued for other traffic offenses.

According to police, officers also found two underage females, ages 16 and 17, at a licensed premises on West Bay Road. “There were no evidence that they were consuming or purchasing intoxicating liquor; however, they were warned and they left the premises. The licensee of the premises will be warned for allowing persons under the age of 18 to be in a bar of a licensed premises,” police said.

Police are appealing to the public and civic groups to report criminal activity they see.