Liquor Licensing Board chairman quits after 10 months

The chairman of Grand Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board has resigned after 10 months in the position.

Commerce Minister Wayne Panton confirmed Monday that Campbell Law had left the board, citing other pressing responsibilities.

“His resignation letter indicat[ed] that he is doing so with immediate effect on the basis that he has time constraints, given his involvement in a new business venture,” Mr. Panton said.

Mr. Law was appointed in January to replace Mitchell Welds, who had served more than a dozen years as chairman.

On Tuesday, Mr. Law told the Cayman Compass the reasons for his departure.

“I am about to start a new business venture and have handed in my notice at my current job to do so,” he said. “Along with that, I have resigned from the liquor board as I do not think it will be possible to put in the time required to chair the board while I set up this new entity.

“I would not want to be in a situation where a licensee was put in an adverse position because I was not able to deal with their request in a timely manner.”

“The role of chairman often requires daily input and decisions and requests that have to have a 24-hour turnaround. I would not want to be in a situation where a licensee was put in an adverse position because I was not able to deal with their request in a timely manner.

“I also envisage that one of the revenue streams of the new business may create some conflicts, and I am a great believer in a board that has none.”

When Mr. Law was appointed in January, three other former board members were replaced by government, leaving Noel Williams as the lone remaining legacy member. None of the other board members has resigned.

Minister Panton said at the time that there had been a “perceived lack of confidence” in the old liquor board and that government was seeking to restore confidence. He denied that Mr. Welds had been replaced for “political reasons.”

The Progressives-led government waited to replace liquor board members until changes to the local Liquor Licensing Law were made in late 2015, Mr. Panton said.

Among those appointed in January was Woody DaCosta, a radio talk show host and political candidate in the 2009 and 2013 general elections. Other appointed members include Magalyn Robinson-Clarke, Wayne Kirkconnell, Ralph Lewis and Philip Tatum.

Three civil servants were also appointed to the board, which now has 10 members.

All appointments were for four-year terms, beginning Jan. 1, 2016.


  1. Here we go again, town talk that Mr Law resignation was political motivated. The problem is that these electoral candidates do this every time. Manipulate, manipulate and it has to stop. The way that persons are chosen to serve on these boards has to change. Take for instance you will have a board with ten members and five of them are from one district. No it cannot work, each candidate should have the opportunity to choose one or two persons from his district, and the person must have some knowledge of the board they are going to serve on, beside that person should be asked to sign a contract for one year. If he leaves without good reasons before the year, there should be penalties. We have got to change the way we have been doing things..

  2. Twyla I think you missed the point here: he is leaving because he believes it would be a conflict of interests were he to remain on the board as he is starting a new enterprise which I’m assuming will require a liquor licence or something to that affect so is in fact showing a lot of integrity by stepping down.. Rather that than stand to the side while other board members vote on something in which the chairman is involved in no?

    The above references his predecessor when talking about political reasons or the lack thereof..

    Better to step down from a job that you cannot fully commit to than take the pay and do half a job indefinitely…

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