Applying for a renewal of a liquor licence is becoming simpler.

The Liquor Licensing Board, in conjunction with the Department of Commerce and Investment, the Fire Service, Department of Environmental Health and the Planning Department, has agreed to streamline the process for liquor and music and dancing licence renewals.

Police clearances and inspections of premises by the Planning Department are no longer required for renewal applications for liquor and music and dancing licences, according to a statement from the board.

And, while annual inspections of premises by the Department of Environmental Health and the Fire Service are still required, licensees will not need to submit the reports to the Department of Commerce and Industry with their renewal applications. However, licensees will be responsible for making arrangements for those inspections to be carried out, and are required to retain copies of the inspection reports.

The Liquor Licensing Board will be notified at the annual session by the relevant department of any premises deemed unsatisfactory during the inspection process, before the board makes a licence renewal decision, according to the statement.

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Minister of Commerce Joseph Hew said in the statement, “This Government has already made strides to end the red tape that makes it overly complicated to run a business in the Cayman Islands, for instance with amendments to the Trade and Business Licensing Law.

“Now, we are pushing forward with improvements to the Liquor Licence renewal process. This is yet another initiative aimed at helping local business owners and entrepreneurs, as we strike for a key Government priority: to create a strong economy to help families and businesses.”

Hew said further reductions in the application requirements can be expected in the future.

To renew a licence, licensees are required to submit a completed application form for each location and each license being renewed, along with the licensing fee for each category.

The next annual liquor licensing meeting will be held on 9 Sept. The deadline for applications is 16 Aug.

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