St. Matthews students 
saved by authorities

Police officers rescued two men from the water near Pedro Castle Bluff on Saturday afternoon.

About 1.20pm Saturday police received a report that three men – all students at St. Matthews University – jumped into the sea from the cliff close to Pedro Castle.

Police said one of the men made it back to shore, but the other two were swept out to sea in rough conditions.

The RCIPS helicopter and Marine Unit craft Tornado deployed shortly after the incident was reported.

While the air and sea support was on its way, Marine unit officer Mark Luke drove to the location with life vests.

Mr. Luke assessed the situation and decided to risk the choppy, dangerous seas and jump into the water with the life vests to help the two men until police marine craft could arrive.

Constable Luke remained in the water with the two men for about 40 minutes until backup arrived.

All three men were taken onto the Tornado and brought to shore. None were seriously injured.

RCIPS Superintendent Kurt Walton praised the actions of his officers, particularly Mr. Luke.

“This afternoon’s incident could have ended tragically if it had not been for the actions of PC Luke and his colleagues,” Mr. Walton said.

“I take this opportunity to remind people that if they plan to use the water they must take the weather and sea conditions into account.

They must also have all the necessary equipment and have a means of raising the alarm if necessary.”

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