IMAC educational scholarship fund awards two scholarships

The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman Educational Scholarship Fund has recently awarded two full scholarships.  

The 2011 Tom Clark Scholarship has been awarded to Sheena Jackson to study for a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Waterloo in Canada. The award is named after one of the founders of the fund, who was a director of HSBC and also head of insurance.  

A full scholarship was also awarded to Priscilla Brown to study for a bachelors degree in management at the University of South Florida. 

John Pitcairn, chairman of the Scholarship Fund said, he was delighted that the fund was in a position to offer two further scholarships this year thanks in part to the generosity of HSBC as Trustee of various charitable trusts. He added that the Fund was now supporting nine students in full-time education overseas.  

The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) is a nonprofit organisation run by the insurance managers of the Cayman Islands. The aim of IMAC is to act both as regulatory liaison with the Cayman Islands Government and to promote the Cayman Islands as the domicile of choice for captive insurance companies. 

IMAC Educational Fund

From left, Merta Day, Sheena Jackson, John Pitcairn, Priscilla Brown and Mike Bowerman. – PHOTO:SUBMITTED

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