Jobs for our people

As we all know there is a big problem here in Cayman with our own people being placed in proper jobs; especially the young school leavers.

As they leave school year after year, many of them are left out of the job market. Even our older Caymanians that have been working for years, many of them that may have lost their jobs for some reason or the other, find it hard to be hired into another job. Why is this happening to our people? Well, because of the Caymanian protection that is supposed to help our people seems to have flown away.

There are at this time too, too many people on the social service hand out money programme.

This is not the answer for our people, for as I see it, many other people that are not Caymanians abuse this programme and our Government does not have another programme in place that will help our people get proper jobs and training.

The country cannot move forward properly with an outside workforce with the natives of this Island being placed somewhat on the sidelines in the job market. Sooner or later this will effect all that live on Cayman. We must, as most countries do, put our people always first. The Government must take their proper position in this area. After all, if they do not hire Caymanians first in the Government’s jobs, all other employers will continue to do what they want and keep the Caymanians out of employment in their job market.

It is time to put a stop to this here in Cayman and look out for all of our people.

First, the school leavers year after year make up the future of our Island and if they do not have proper training and education and are not placed in jobs here on Grand Cayman, what will the future look like for our people? As I always say, if you do not have a job, or cannot feed your family and pay your bills; and worse you cannot get a job and make money, you will turn to crime for you will not all be helped by the social service programme that is a drain on the country’s funds.

We need to put a stop to this now. A stop to the handouts in place of job placements. Put our people in the first place position and stop selling their jobs out to people that work for less but send most of their money that they make here in Cayman out of Cayman.

Remember, if you have millions in your accounts and instead of spending that money around in your town, your townspeople will never have a chance to have thousands, but if you take that money and hire outsiders, that money will leave Cayman and build new towns in other countries and make their townspeople making the thousands.

Our people and our town will stay poor and unhappy. We all know what ills that can come to a country. The people of the Cayman Islands deserve better. So let us all get ourselves out of this mess and put ourselves first.

United we stand divided we fall.

Emile S. Levy


  1. I agree with a lot of your comments, however; the reason that it is hard to place young Caymanians in jobs is because many of them don’t want to work. They lack the ambition to seek a better life for themselves and prefer easy money.

    As a young Caymanian I have watch the work ethic and ambition of those classes; that have graduated high school since i left in 2003 decline. Where my age group is more focused on making roots, they want cars and cash to spend. They behave in a way that is at times appalling and very dishearting.

    There are many of my fellow Caymanians that I would not hire, because they expect to get something for nothing. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, basic economics.

    For those ambitious and hardworking Caymanians I hope that things turn-around quickly for your sake and that you find employment. Saddest part of it is that we don’t have real leaders; just blind followers and corruption running our country.

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