No commissions of inquiry, says governor

Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor on Thursday shot down two requests from politicians to begin formal commissions of inquiry into various government matters.

One of the requests for a commission of inquiry, made by Premier McKeeva Bush, sought to look into the spending and planning around proposals for three new high schools and one new primary school on Grand Cayman under the previous government. One of those planned projects, the proposed Beulah Smith High School in West Bay was discontinued. The plan for the new primary school in George Town also did not proceed.  

Mr. Taylor said the auditor general’s office is already planning to carry out performance audits on the John Gray and Clifton Hunter High School projects later in the government’s financial year.

“As such, the governor has told the premier that he does not believe that there is a need to consider setting up a commission of inquiry at this stage,” the statement from the governor’s office read.

The second request for a commission of inquiry came from North Side MLA Ezzard Miller. Mr. Miller asked that a commission be established to investigate an “alleged financial irregularity” relating to Premier Bush.

“This matter is already the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service,” Mr. Taylor said. “In light of this, I do not see the case for considering a commission of inquiry.”

The statement is the first public acknowledgment by the governor or the police that there is actually an investigation of the premier. Previously, both had refused to name the subject of the investigation.

Mr. Miller’s request for a commission of inquiry was denied outright. However, Governor Taylor left open the possibility that such an inquiry could be made into the high schools construction project at a later date.

“[The governor] would be prepared to consider the matter…after the auditor general has submitted his reports to the Legislative Assembly, should his findings indicate that there are any matters which might benefit from such an inquiry,” the governor’s office statement read.

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  1. In other words, Ezzard and Alden, the Governor and Police Commissioner dont need your input. The Premier is being investigated already!

  2. It is clearly obvious that the people of this country are being kept in the dark about these matters. It would never have been heard of if the MLA’s hadn’t addressed it with the Governor. Whilst I do like Gov. Duncan Taylor, I find that he seems to me to be afraid of the Premier and therefore why things are never brought to light when something is ongoing that has to do with the UDP Govt. or the Premier.

    The normal procedure when someone is under investigation that is a member of the Govt. body is to suspend them from their position until the investigation is finalized. So why hasn’t the Premier been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation?

    Is the Governor afraid to do this? There is a Deputy Premier that can hold the position until the investigation is complete so why hasn’t this been done as yet?

    If everyone else has to be subjected to suspensions, pending an investigation, then why does this not include the Premier of the Cayman Islands??

    Signs and Wonders, they are many of those appearing around this country every hour on the hour.

    However, the sad part is if this investigation wasn’t made public by the opposing Govt., I have to wonder if the people of this country would have been made aware of it at all?

    There should be no exceptions to the rule regardless of the person or persons involved, they should be treated just like everyone else when an investigation is actively being pursued.

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