Hero chihuahua stops robbers

A tiny chihuahua became a crime-fighting hero when he
chased off two armed robbers from a Southern California cigar store.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released this
surveillance footage from the Ace Smoke Shop in Altadena that shows two masked
men entering the establishment with a rifle and a backpack. At first the
robbers demand money from store owner Eric Knight, who starts putting cash in
the backpack offscreen.

They’re interrupted by the store owner’s dog, who begins
barking ferociously at the armed robbers. Flustered, the two men grab the back
pack and run away, but not before pointing the rifle at both the cashier and
the dog.

Knight told ABC 7 that his dog, Paco, has been with him for
five years ever since Knight rescued him from a shelter. “I’m going to put
a cape on him I think,” said Knight.

The two men got away with about $200 but no one was hurt, reports

In this longer version of the security footage, Knight is
seen exiting the store to look for his dog. Paco returned shortly, tail



  1. Every Cayman store owner should get one of these little guys to help protect thier businesses. May even do a better job than the RCIPS…..LMAO

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