Bar owner refutes report

I am kindly asking you to please publish this letter concerning the report in the Compass dated 18th July, 2011, which said there was a stabbing at Jim Wood Bar on Martin Drive.

I do wish to inform all our customers of Cayman and overseas that this was a complete false report. There were no problems at our club on that evening and I was in my room watching the camera.

There were only two people in our club except the staff, which knew nothing about it; neither did I before my son called me and other customers about it that they saw it on the Internet.

That incident of stabbing never happened at our club; not even on our premises. That was not even on Martin Drive. I say whoever made the report – which the police never even checked or questioned me or staff at our club – was a malicious report to try to give our club a bad name. We have been here over 32 years and have never had a fight inside our club. Maybe someone got a little drunk and started pushing someone, which we quickly put him out. Or sometimes we may have to call the police to do so.

I am now the oldest and first Caymanian to own a club in Cayman. I had my licence for over 50 years, which was from 10am to 4am next day. I do wish to ask the police to look into this scandalous, lying report.

I do not want to go any further because I have good support from the police and I know our Government is broke.

I do not ask for compensation, only to ask for a correction as I have suffered a loss in these hard times. It’s bad for lies to be reported only. I know all Cayman knows our club is one of the best in Cayman and safe; no robberies, no shootings. I do ask all of our customers to keep supporting us.

James T. Wood Jr.

Editor’s note: Because the media in the Cayman Islands is forbidden to interview officers who have responded to a crime scene, the Caymanian Compass has to rely solely on reports that come straight from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service concerning incidents of crime.

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