Passport2Success training set

The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment will host its fifth Passport2Success training programme in September of this year.

Since spaces are limited, interested individuals are urged to submit applications as soon as possible.

A free public-private funded initiative, Passport2Success targets young Caymanians aged 17-20 years, who are recent high school graduates and who have not yet found suitable employment.

However, applicants need neither high school qualifications nor work experience to participate. All that is required is commitment, a willingness to attend every day and a desire to improve their skills.

Apply by visiting and either fill in or download an application form. Alternatively, paper forms are available from the Wellness Centre, located in unit D5 on Cayman Business Park on Thomas Russel Way.

Completed online forms may be submitted via email to [email protected] or printed and mailed to: Passport2success, the Wellness Centre on [email protected] or call Shannon Seymour on 949-9355.

Of the 21 participants who graduated from the third group in April, 76 per cent are employed, engaged in internships or are involved in some sort of formal training. Six months post-completion, half of the 24 graduates from group two have secured with either full- or part-time employment, while 16 per cent are pursuing further education.

The 12 month report for the pilot group shows that 68 per cent of graduates have secured either full-time employment and 32 per cent are pursuing further education.

The Passport2success programme is cosponsored by the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, CML Offshore Recruitment, Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited and LIME Communications.

How Passport2success works

Passport2success is a 12-week Ministry of Education initiative that provides training to help young Caymanians succeed in the workplace.

Participants receive ‘passports,’ to which stamps are added as they successfully complete programmes and personal goals. Each stamp confirms to potential employers that the holder is skilled in a particular area. The more stamps collected, the more employable the individual becomes.

Throughout the programme each participant is required to attend classes; participate in all activities to the best of his/her ability, including daily lessons, group projects and community industry site visits; participate in a two-week job placement with organisations where business relates to the participants’ chosen areas of interest; and engage in week long community service project.

Candidates earn a weekly stipend, but it is not guaranteed and must be merited by meeting certain programme criteria.

Passport2success emphasises adult literacy, adopts a practical hands-on approach and used adult-based group learning instruction methods. Participants may also customise the programme to suit their areas of interest, but must participate in group activities.

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