Streetskills promote road safety

Cayman drivers can soon view practical demonstrations on safe driving techniques and accident-prevention measures.  

The theme of this month’s Streetskills education programme is Road Craft. This National Road Safety Strategy initiative will be held from 4 to 5pm on Thursday, 28 July, at the Department of Vehicle and Drivers Licensing compound, across from the Lions’ Centre.  

Segments are intended to educate drivers on issues ranging from tire choices and pressures to the mechanics of safe driving. Road Craft will also include advice and guidance on using roundabouts correctly, the consequences of speeding, and driving in inclement weather. 

Officials say this summertime topic was chosen to cater to motorists, especially new or young drivers, who may need to navigate roads during rainy conditions.  

The monthly focus on safety began in April and has so far addressed cellphone use by motorists and pressures regularly experienced by youthful drivers. 

Streetskills is the education component of the road safety strategy. It is an interagency initiative which has the support and active involvement of the private sector – namely the Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council. 

The remaining two components are engineering (road construction, maintenance and signage) and enforcement (traffic safety and the detection of driving offences). 

Chairman of the Road Safety Committee and Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Superintendent John Jones encouraged attendance on Thursday.  

“The aim is to educate drivers on operating vehicles, with a view to enhancing safe driving,” Jones said. “These detailed approaches will touch on areas such as vehicle lights and driving tips to counter hydroplaning and other risky road conditions.” 

The presentation team will include licensing department assistant manager Stephen Quinland and police staff. A representative from Saxon Insurance Company will also discuss the importance of having appropriate auto coverage. 

For persons unable to attend, the Road Craft session will be videotaped and broadcast as a GIS Spotlight TV segment during August. 


Streetskills wants to reduce the amount of accidents.

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