Reward upped in shooting case

$40,000 for information

A police reward of $20,000 offered for information related to the 13 July shooting of a petrol station worker has been doubled by two local businessmen who want to see the shooter caught.  

Lorna’s Texaco station owner Osbourne Bodden and Bob Watler of Watler’s Metal Products wrote to Police Commissioner David Baines Wednesday offering to add another $20,000 to the reward, increasing the total amount to $40,000. 

Mr. Bodden is the employer of Medsadie Connor, 57, who was shot in the knee and shoulder while she was getting into her car across the street from Lorna’s Texaco in Bodden Town, where she has worked for the past 15 years.  

Mrs. Connor is still recovering in the hospital from her injuries. No arrests have been reported in connection with the shooting.  

“We want to double the reward for the arrest and conviction of these evil criminals that shot and robbed my worker last week,” Mr. Bodden said, urging anyone who wished to add to the reward to come forward and assist.  

Police and witnesses said the 57-year-old mother of two and grandmother of six was jumped by a masked suspect who came from behind some bushes, shot the woman and took her handbag.  

The incident was described as “pure evil” by Mr. Baines.  

“She was shot for … a small amount of cash and, certainly, there was no need for violence,” Mr. Baines said. “This is just senseless, gratuitous … pure evil. There’s no other explanation for it. It was almost as if he got a kick out of inflicting pain, injury and harm.”  

Mrs. Connor’s shooting is the second recent incident that involved an armed, masked man attacking an unsuspecting person, apparently at random, in what Commissioner Baines believes is a disturbing pattern.  

On 29 June, Cayman Islands Brewery worker Kemar Golding, 28, was shot near a jerk chicken stand in Red Bay. Mr. Golding lost his eye in the shooting, but survived.