Three held for gun possession

Police arrested three men after recovering a loaded handgun,
gloves and a ski mask in West Bay Sunday evening.

About 9.55pm on Sunday, 31 July, officers from the RCIPS
Uniform Support Group were on routine patrol close to Club Inferno in West Bay,
when they saw two men acting suspiciously by the side of the building.

As the officers approached the two men, another man came
from the rear of the premises.

Police detained all three and searched the area. They found
a loaded handgun, gloves and a ski mask nearby.

A small quantity of ganja was also recovered from the men,
police said.

All three were arrested on suspicion of possession of an
unlicensed firearm and possession of ganja. They remain in police custody while
enquiries continue.



  1. It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this arrest, or if they will just be released back into society due to lack of evidence.
    They need to make an example of these criminals, take the hard line, and send a message out there to anyone else who might be going around with ski masks and loaded, unlicensed hand guns, that this is totally unacceptable and will not be tollerated in our community!!!

  2. This is the type of activity and action by the police that I’m talking about.

    Its not rocket science; just proper police work.

    The CoP has indicated/boasted on more than one occasion publicly that he knows who the gang members/gunmen are in Cayman.

    If he does, it stands to reason; put them under constant surveillance and pressure and the guns will be found and you will have the evidence to put them away for the mandatory period of time.

  3. This gives you an example of who’s out there who doesn’t give a flying hoot about any gun amnesty and you can bet, they are in the majority.

    Gun amnesties are part of larger community-driven strategies and do work, to some degree, within that context but only work hand-in-hand with strict search-and-seizure enforcement.

    The only language the others understand is a police or soldier’s boot through their door and gun in their face asking ‘where is the gun hidden?’

    Cayman has to begin speaking their language for them to begin listening.

    Even law-abiding people who live in certain neighbourhoods in Grand Cayman know this very well.

  4. I really have to question the only language the others understand is a police or soldier’s boot through their door and gun in their face asking ‘where is the gun hidden?’ bit….

    People who use guns in the act of crime USE guns, they don’t threaten to use guns in everyones certain knowledge they won’t use them. A police officer conducting a search might well be armed for their and others protection when undertaking such a search but if they ever put a gun to the suspect’s face asking the question, the suspect and the cop know that the gun will not be USED.

    Fine line, I know, but one that differentiates a law abiding society with the thug.

  5. Fine line, I know, but one that differentiates a law abiding society with the thug

    I agree, very fine line in theory but a question for you.

    Have you, as a police officer, ever arrested a suspect at gunpoint ?

    I’ve been stopped in the USA for a minor vehicular infraction, not a driving offense, by a police officer, at gunpoint…I did not initially see that the officer was trying to pull me over for a missing mudflap on my truck, which is a state traffic offense.

    When I did realise that a police vehicle was behind me, I pulled over immediately and immediately had the officer’s service revolver pointed at me and questioned, at gunpoint, why I had not pulled over.

    All questions answered satisfactorily, a ticket was courteously issued with no further questions and we both went our seperate ways.

    My point is, when a firearm is pointed at another person, whether by a police officer,criminal or law-abiding citizen it is the threat of the weapon that has the desired effect.

    If the police in the Cayman Islands wish to find these illegal weapons, British police firearms tactics will simply not work for them and they will have to devise their own methods, within the laws that govern Cayman.

    That too, is another very fine line.

  6. Hmmm, gloves, not usually needed in a warm country, ski mask, again, not usually needed as the piste here is not good. Loaded gun, not usually needed here, unless you’re a shopkeeper/work at a gas station.

    I conclude, either they are a 3 man bob sleigh team, training on Mt Trashmore, using the handgun as a starter pistol (probably easier to get hold of), or, they were up to no good.

  7. Firery: In answer to your question – yes.

    I have arrested a suspected whilst armed and arrested an armed suspect whilst unarmed (that was scary!) I have also capitulated unreservedly when unarmed and threatened with a gun.

    But your point actually ties in with what I have been saying all along: In the US where guns are held by every Tom, Dick and Harry, because of the ridiculous interpretation of the Constitution, every Police officer works on the principal that their suspect is armed whereas in a country with a much tighter gun control regime, then the opposite is true. Of course, very infrequently, a police officer comes a cropper BUT, in the UK, that is very, very rare with regards to firearms.

    The more guns the more guns…..

  8. Pattieman: Nice one… BUT

    A Bobsleigh team will be either 2 or 4 man. So we have either a 2 man team with a reserve or coach or a 4 man team with one missing.

  9. Of course, very infrequently, a police officer comes a cropper BUT, in the UK, that is very, very rare with regards to firearms.

    Exactly, my good friend, Beachbum, exactly…

    The frequency and brutality with which guns are being used now in Grand Cayman surpasses anything that UK police have to encounter on a daily basis and this is why strictly followed British police laws in regards to firearms are failing to stem the tide of crimes, apprehend the users or…find the guns.

    The dynamics of the two countries are entirely different in this regards, unfortunately.

    Somehow though, I do believe that someone in authority is finally listening to some of the opinions on this and other forums as Cayman’s police seem to be having a bit of success lately.

    In case you’re not aware of it, there are some very tough, cold and merciless criminal elements in Cayman and the proof of what they’re capable of needs no emblemishment…

    You only have to read the daily news for yourself to know.

  10. Beachbum: Therein lies the answer. Obviously, if they are professional enough to remember the gun, mask and gloves, they will probably be a well organised 2 man team with a reserve/coach. Between us, we have saved the police a job, they do not need to look for any other suspects. I can also see a film tie-in here, Fool Runnings.

    Also, to echo other views, well done RCIP, get these scumbags nailed and get them off the streets (or Cresta Run) for a very long time.

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