Woman missing after car, handbag found

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    Royal Cayman Islands Police officers and scenes of crime
    investigators spent Monday afternoon searching an area near Pedro Castle in
    Savannah for a missing woman.

     A white Honda Civic belonging to Kerran Natalee Baker,
    25, of Jamaica, was found on the cemetery lawn just down the road from the
    Pedro entrance Monday. 

     Ms Baker had not been heard from since around 5pm
    Saturday. Police said she was last seen driving her Honda in the Red Bay

     Friends of Ms Baker’s who had gathered where her car
    was found Monday said neither they, nor her family in Jamaica, could get
    through to her cell phone. They got worried and one friend went to Ms Baker’s
    home on Arrow Drive in Bodden Town Saturday night, getting into the residence
    with assistance from the landlord. 

     The 25-year-old woman’s handbag and groceries were
    found in the home. Some groceries she had bought earlier in the day were still
    on the kitchen counter. 

     Police were contacted shortly thereafter. 

     “The fact that Kerran left the house without her
    handbag is very unusual,” said RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “She also
    uses her phone a lot, but none of her friends or family received any calls or
    messages from her since Saturday evening.” 

     During a search of Ms Baker’s car, police found what
    appeared to be a suitcase in the trunk of her vehicle. There were several
    packages inside wrapped in plastic bags, but police gave no indication of what
    those might contain. 

     Scenes of crime officers spent most of the afternoon
    Monday processing the vehicle for evidence, including dusting for fingerprints
    and removing certain items from inside. After a search of the vehicle was
    completed, police K-9 units and the RCIPS helicopter made a full sweep of the
    area. . 

     A security guard at Pedro reported to facility
    management on Monday that he believed the white Honda had been parked on the
    lawn near the cemetery since Saturday evening. Police could not immediately
    confirm those reports. 

     A wedding was being held at Pedro on Saturday evening,
    and facility managers said it was likely any vehicle parked near the grounds
    would have evaded notice at least for a while. It was not known if Ms Baker had
    attended Saturday’s event at Pedro. 

     “As yet no trace of Kerran has been found. I would ask
    anyone who saw Kerran after 5pm on Saturday to contact us immediately,” Mr.
    Bodden said. 

     She is described as being around 5’5” in height and
    approximately 135 lbs. She has brown eyes and dark shoulder length hair. At
    this stage there is no description available of the clothes she was last seen

     Anyone with any information about Kerran should
    contact George Town police station on 949-4222. 



    Miss Baker


    Police pull items wrapped in plastic from a suitcase found in the trunk of Kerran Baker’s car on Monday afternoon.
    Brent Fuller


    Kerran’s friends gather at the scene where her car was found Monday.
    Brent Fuller


    1. It is unusual that she would leave the groceries on the kitchen counter and her handbag there as well. If there was not evidence of a struggle, I am thinking foul play, somebody else or some distraction that caused her to leave her belongings, was involved. Nobody in their right minds on their own accord, would leave their handbag, groceries, lock the front door, and drive off unless that person were rushing or some emergency that caused him/her to forget what he/she was doing. It could be that she was rushing to the wedding to meet someone there. If that is the case, someone at the wedding had to have seen her there. Do they have CCTV camaras at Pedro Castle? I know that the Church of God on that road has CCTV camaras. There is room for speculation, but all to say, I just hope to God that she is alright and will return home soon.

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