Bomb threats in George Town



    Police say separate calls about bomb
    threats were received Thursday afternoon in downtown George Town.

     One call was received by the
    government’s Legal Department at the first floor of DMS House at 3.07pm. That
    office includes the offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the
    Attorney General. 

      Another call at 3.05pm was made to George Town Police Station. 

    Reports of a third call, also to the George Town Police Station, were not confirmed by police. 

    According to Royal Cayman Islands Police
    Service Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, all the bomb threats made Thursday
    afternoon were apparently bogus. 

    The all clear was given by police at 5.20pm. 

    Police did not say if the caller or callers had
    given a reason why the bomb threats were made. It was stated by other sources that the initial call to the Legal Department was made in attempts to disrupt a court hearing set for Friday in George Town, however police declined comment about that.

     Detectives, uniform police, and
    officers of the K9 and RCIPS Air Support units were on location at DMS House,
    off Genesis Close, on Thursday afternoon. 

    There were no injuries.
    The DMS Building and Walkers building were among those to be evacuated, with hundreds of employees left out on the sidewalk. Most were told to go home for the day.  


    Police dogs search the parking lot of DMS House Thursday afternoon following a bomb scare.
    Brent Fuller


    Hundreds of workers were evacuated from the Walkers building off Mary Street. Walkers House was one of the buildings adjacent to DMS House that was evacuated.
    Brent Fuller

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