Editorial for 3 August: Encouraging local journalists

Those reading the Caymanian Compass this summer have
probably noticed some new names on the by-lines. Since late May, the Cayman
Free Press Ltd. editorial team has taken on five young women as interns for the

This wasn’t the first time they’ve worked for the newspaper.
Catherine Hinds, Hannah Reid, Shanarah Wright, Camelia Miller and Samantha
Bonham have all interned here before. Our office space has been cramped and
there were times when they had to share a computer, but we managed.

Ultimately, we feel it is our obligation to try and
developer young, local talent and all five of these young ladies do indeed have

One complaint we hear sometimes is that the journalists in
the Cayman Islands tend to be mostly expatriates. This is true, but it’s been
more out of necessity than design. Journalism, much like teaching, requires
bright, educated and hard-working people who realise they aren’t going to get
rich practicing the profession, but that they can make an invaluable
contribution to society.

People with the skills to be good journalists can usually
use those skills to get much higher paying and less demanding jobs in
government or the private sector, so those who stick with the profession have
to love it.

We don’t know if any of our five young interns will ultimately
answer the calling and become professional journalists, but we hope so. And
we’ll do whatever we can to help that process along.




  1. It is commendable that you are willing to train young people in your profession, and you have every right to blow your horn about it too. Well done.

    One of the oft repeated complaints in the whole local versus expat issue is the lack of training that businesses on the island are willing to provide. While I am firmly on the side of the expats on most issues, this is one where I happen to agree that not enough is being done to get young people started in a career.

    As I’ve noted though in a couple of other comments, there is a serious lack of interest from the young people too. It is complicated.

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