Shetty hospital to be built at East End seaport site


    Developers of the Shetty medical tourism
    hospital announced Tuesday that the hospital would be built in High Rock in
    East End, the site earmarked for the East End sea port. 

    In a joint statement, Gene Thompson, local director of the Narayana group which
    proposed the medical centre, and Joseph Imparato, owner of the approximately
    600-acre site, said an agreement had been reached to locate the medical complex
    on that site of the East End seaport, which will not go ahead.  

    According to the statement, Mr. Imparato
    said it was not “politically feasible” to continue with his East End seaport

    The statement said the East End land was
    Dr. Devi Shetty’s preferred site and that discussions between the parties had been
    going on for more than a year, during which time Mr. Imparato’s proposed
    Seaport Project “increasingly became the target of considerable political and
    popular opposition”.   

    “After careful consideration and listening
    to the voices of the community, Mr. Imparato and Mr. Thompson came to an
    agreement that will they feel will be mutually beneficial for the development
    and the island,” the statement read.  

    For more on this story, check for further
    updates on and Wednesday’s Caymanian Compass.  


    Dr. Shetty


    1. Kudos to Dr. Shetty and Mr. Imparato. This development should kick-start the economy, and have long-lasting positive effect on Cayman’s future. This is a true value added project, and I wish them all the best.

    2. It seems that this project will include the sea water cooling (air conditioning option) then why not providing this service to all in Cayman. This vision would benefit everyone. Just imaging that, for every building, there would be no more outdoor A/C unit that corrode, makes noise, carry harmful refrigerant and then fill up the dumps. There will also be 75% saving in oil purchase. One of the disadvantages could be to the electrical provider but, has per their statement on this newspaper last month; they would not really be affected since. As for the government revenue from oil taxes, maybe, they can find revenues somewhere else by building in conjunction to the sea water cooling piping, a much bigger pipe divided in two sections that would convey not only cold water but tourist to the great depths. The cold water needed is at approximately 3,000 ft deep. If the pipe is extend to 5,000 ft deep or more, it would be a great opportunity for Cayman to provide a unique product to the rest of the world. I would love to watch a fish feeding (like the Wharf does) to fishes that live at 2,000, 4,000 or 5,000ft. The greatest export from the Cayman Islands has always been their sailors who would gladly shared their knowledge and experience of the sea. Why don’t give them the opportunity to rise again. I’d like for everyone who read this comment to offer additional ideas to this great opportunity.

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