Kerran missing: ‘Blood’ evidence ruled out

Evidence recovered last week during the
search for a missing nurse in the Pedro St. James Castle area has not been of
any assistance to that investigation, Royal Cayman Islands Police said

Police initially said a substance
resembling blood was found on some rocks near the seaside in the Pedro area
some distance from where Kerran Baker’s car was found on 1 August. 

“We did receive the analysis of the stains
we collected….and it was proven that it is not blood content,” RCIPS Superintendent
Marlon Bodden said.   

Ms Baker disappeared sometime after 7pm on
Saturday, 30 July and has not been heard from since, according to police. A
friend of Kerran’s found bags of groceries and a handbag that had been left on
the counter of her Bodden Town home the evening of 31 July, leading police to
start an investigation into the 25-year-old Jamaican woman’s whereabouts.   

Another possible key piece of evidence,
papers found in the area near Kerran’s Honda on Sunday evening, has been
recovered by police and is being processed, Mr. Bodden said.   

Superintendent Bodden said police were now
working on tracing Blackberry instant messages that went back and forth between
Kerran’s phone and others in the day or so leading up to her

“There are many individuals in the Cayman
Islands’ community and possibly in Jamaica that can provide us with relevant
information to at least try to find out what has happened with Kerran,
especially on Saturday (30 July),” Mr. Bodden said.   

Police have little clue as to what happened
to the missing woman after she was spotted by a CCTV camera leaving the Fosters
airport grocery store that Saturday night. Reports of sightings later in the
evening have so far proven inconclusive.  

RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones said
tracing BBM instant messages is not as easy as tracing a phone call or text
message, and indicated this has caused investigators some problems in the

“It’s not just a simple flick of the switch
and we can get all the information that we need,” Mr. Jones said. “Getting any
detail of BBM messages is particularly problematic.”   

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for more details on this story….   

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  1. Police are Just NOW checking Blackberry messages
    between Kerry and others on the day she was missing.This is what Day 10!
    And you are just now checking blackberry messages!

  2. What could be so problematic as to trace the BBM telephone conversations, in Cayman they are good at this. Telephones are the best possible link to her abductor(s)on her disappearance. So, all evidence are inconclusive….CASE CLOSED? Can the whole Police system, get up from their…er comfort zone and engage their brain in more constructive issues. Women in Cayman are disappearing and getting killed and in this 2×4 island they can’t figure out what the heck is happening…..What are they hiding from all these episodes?

  3. Don’t give up hope, let’s keep this moving !
    When and where is the next community search? The more evidence/clues we find the better.

    What is recent on the laptop computer? old friends/ new friends?

  4. I think something terribly bad has happened to this poor girl. May her family and friends find hope, courage, faith and strength from the good lord to take them through this ordeal.
    Be strong, god will take care of you, keep praying, he will see you through.

  5. Blackberry messages should have been RCIP’s first move to find Kerry.
    John Jones and Mr.Marlon Bodden explain why this inconvenience and glitch in solving this case WHY?
    Why the delay?

  6. Its TIME to fingerprint everyone entering this country.EVERYONE ALREADY HERE MUST be fingerprinted as well from the Governor right down to the new borns.
    Yes new born foot prints are photographed for future reference. EVERYONE NEEDS A NATIONAL GOVERNMENT ID for heaven sake! Are you all kidding me, how do you expect to conduct police searches for a most wanted criminal when he is not registered with the local License or Government ID agency which are the same. It’s time for RCIP Comm Baines to cross check with Mr. Walsh of America’s most wanted to see if any monster he’s hunting for has made it here under the US radar ’cause our lax immigration and work permit policies is making Cayman a Haven for the most notorious Criminals and it is a disgrace.

    Check the over stayers,fingerprint everyone,blood test too, mouth swab, we don’t care if they like it or not whatever it takes to protect CAYMAN’S BORDERS SHOULD BE DONE.

    NO MORE TEMPORARY WORK PERMITS AND NO POLICE RECORD IT IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY and the Work Permit Chief must do better in not granting work permits to people with NO POLICE RECORD. THIS MUST CEASE!
    People are disappearing, getting killed and we have not resolved who is doing this!

    Check when these crimes started and who just released from prison and their record, who is here on a work permit was granted permission to work here. Check his/her police record in their country of birth.
    A serial Killer, on AMW or FBI most wanted list could have very well made it to our shores.We have no system in place to keep them out.

  7. We shall have to arrange for Messers Bodden and Jones to give you a personal, private briefing as to the currency of the investigation. Just pop down to Elgin Avenue, Dubai, and ask for Martin and John……..I am sure they will be very happy having you assist them.

  8. For goodness sake people….TALK!!!

    We need this solved! The police and her family really need to find her! This is someone’s precious child, their daughter,their flesh and blood! Her life is just as priceless,important and valuable as yours or mine. There are some of you who know this girl,who are suppose to be her friend and aren’t talking to help find her. Put your blasted fears aside, be fierce and do the right thing not just for her sake, but for your future and the future of all women here in our country!
    We women deserve to live the life of freedom,peace and not having to live in fear of being harmed and taken, and our peace of mind taken by these low life,sorry excuses for human beings! We all deserve to be happy!We deserve to be free and to feel safe at all times no matter where we are.
    Please please please….put your FAITH in GOD and your Trust in the POLICE just this once, if no other time in your life, that you will be protected and lets see this case straight to through-itian and bring the scum responsible to real true justice. Do not let our country be destroyed by this evil. Do not let them win. You are not weak, you are not defenseless, you can do the right thing!!
    Please help her , help her family and help the police,be brave, be fierce, do what you would absolutely want and need someone else, whether your friends or not to do for you to save your life. You know you would be praying and hoping that someone would put any and all fears aside, and care about you enough even if they don’t know you, to do this for you, because you are precious, you are important just like the person who knows something that could have your life saved! Kerran deserves to be found,so does Anna Evans, a mother of five precious children who hasn’t seen their dear mother in over 6 months!!! They deserve their mother the woman who carried them for 9 months and introduced them to this world and does not deserve to be ignored and forgotten!
    Help them and you will be blessed and rewarded!! God is watching over you, he knows everything!He will give you strength. He works in mysterious ways and will protect you! Do the right thing please!

    Call her father and tell him what you know!If not call the police or Crime stoppers.

    If you are still not sure then I suggest you can write or type a letter and have it addressed to Inspector Marlon Bodden at the Police Station(The Police Station P.O. Box is: P.O. Box 909, Grand Cayman KY1-1103).There is no reason for them to write you back so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about there after, for mailing in the info.If not still write a letter and have it simply addressed to him and have someone you absolutely trust drop it at the police station for you if you don’t want to go yourself.

    It would be great if the police had a number like (CW Lime) when you text a word to 8436 or something of the sort to enter to win something,so you can text your info to.

    This should not just be for this instance but to allow people to text the police mainframe and anytime that a crime is being committed and if they don’t want to call and speak to some in person. In this way after the text you can delete the sent text if they are concerned that someone will check their phone like a spouse.Also the police should be able to have a log with the texts so they can keep track of things.

    Please do the right thing!

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