Spontaneous-ly, iZ

The group’s latest effort follows Beach Club


Fans of music group The iZ will no doubt have their sonic palates massaged by the ensemble’s new album Spontaneous. 

The guys dropped by Weekender to chat a little about their latest project and what listeners can expect. 

“We felt the name was perfect, as the general sort of vibe in the studio was oftentimes very impulsive,” says group member Lonnie McField. “We never knew what was coming next in terms of flavour, as things could easily take on a dancehall tone or swing over to a Black Eyed Peas pop feel just as quickly.”  

The iZ, comprised of Jason Gilbert, also known as JG, Lonnie “Love” McField and Stephen Cotterell, is fresh off their debut LP Beach Club. A level of maturity and authority now seems to govern their sound to a degree that when you hear an iZ tune, there can be no doubt that their style and delivery are distinctly different and extremely refreshing. 

“As we develop, we are finding ourselves and learning more about each other, which translates into music that we feel is constantly taking shape into an ever more valid representation of our strengths as individuals, as well as collectively,” says Cotterell. 


The majority of the vocals on Spontaneous were recorded by each member individually, as they all live in different locations, a challenge the men say was circumvented since each of them is a sound engineer and can record their own parts.  

“We sent files back and forth. This was made easier in no small part because we all produce and write,” says Cotterell. 

There are 13 tracks on the album; 15 if you count the two bonus tracks. 

The group’s manager, Dane Ramoonm, says this album is different from a marketing and managerial perspective. 

“What we experienced with the first album Beach Club was great. It allowed us to put our ‘feelers’ out and see what kind of effect the music would have. After the success we had in the second largest music capital of the world (Japan), Spontaneous gives us another healthy product to sell.  

“We feel good about the possibility of taking this project to an ever expanding marketplace and sell the songs, as well as capture market share.” 

There is also a rumoured guest appearance on the album by Soca Star Machel Montano, though attempts to confirm this with ThE iZ were side-stepped, as the men remained tight-lipped about the supposed feature, saying only that folks would have to get the album and see for themselves. 

The first single of Spontaneous is a playfully seductive track called Rock and Come In, which is “sure to get the party started” and is “just as hot as summer,” according to Lonnie Love.  

The track is available at Facebook.com/theizmuzic for free download after hitting the ‘like’ button on the page. 


From left, Stephen Cotterell, Lonnie McField and Jason Gilbert make up ThE iZ. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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