Authorities frustrated in Kerran case

Saturday night marked two weeks since anyone had seen or heard from Kerran Natalee Baker.

The 25-year-old Jamaican nurse was last spotted on a CCTV camera around 7pm Saturday, 30 July, leaving the airport Fosters grocery store.

Her purse and some grocery bags she brought home with her from the store were found lying on the counter of her Bodden Town home nearly a day later by a friend.

Police said it appeared Ms Baker had been making a meal that night and had plans to have dinner with another person.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Superintendent Marlon Bodden said Friday that detectives had completed some enquiries along those lines.

“Someone had plans to have dinner with Kerran that evening [30 July],” Mr. Bodden said. ”We have spoken with that individual … and we have seen nothing sinister with that line of enquiry.”

Police said those enquiries were conducted early on, within the first few days of the investigation, and have provided little clarity in determining what might have happened to Ms Baker the night she vanished.

No arrests had been made in the case as of press time Sunday. RCIPS investigators have not found Ms Baker’s phone. Nor have they had any luck in tracing Blackberry instant messages sent to the missing woman. Such information could be invaluable in determining the whereabouts of the missing woman after 
7pm 30 July.

Mr. Bodden said Friday he was disappointed about the lack of information, particularly from the missing woman’s friends in this regard.

“We have … made significant appeals to the public asking them to assist us with any information that could lead to what happened to her,” Mr. Bodden said. “We have not received the feedback we anticipated getting.”

Enquires and request for public assistance had also been made in Ms Baker’s native Jamaica via radio and printed press. So far, police have had no luck there either.

“A lot of individuals had been making BBM [Blackberry messaging] contact with her,” Mr. Bodden said. “Nonetheless, we have not had any response from anyone.”

Mr. Bodden said police have also “gotten to the bottom” of an enquiry that involved a call for cable service at Ms Baker’s Bodden Town home where a man had apparently picked up the phone at her residence. He said “nothing sinister” was revealed in that line of questioning.

RCIPS officers continue to review hours of CCTV footage and are reassessing the case to determine if any further searches of Grand Cayman are needed. Mr. Bodden said police would only perform searches of certain areas if specific information came to light that might lead to new clues in 
the case.

Anyone with information about Ms Baker’s whereabouts after 7pm on 30 July is asked to contact the RCIPS at 949-7777 or phone Crime Stoppers at 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. I find it impossible to think that noboday knows anything about this case. There are anonymous tip lines that people can call and give information. Someone out there has to know something, even if you don’t think it’s entirely relevant, you should still call and let them know what you know. Every little bit of information counts and may help to solve this case.

  2. Even if there was anything sinister I don’t believe the RCIP are capable of identifying it!

    How so many people interviewed even the person she had dinner with? and he goes scott free just like that? You got to be kidding. You dummies. The disarray of the kitchen indicated that she did not get the chance to have dinner with the person intended! He probably led her to believe he would have dinner with her but kidnapped her instead.

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