New appointments at Commerce

The Department of Commerce and Investment has announced the appointments of Renee Rankin as Trade and Business Licensing Board secretary and Arisdalmis Parchmont as asssistant board secretary.

Both have been acting in their respective capacities for more than a year. Confirmations of the official appointments were recently made by Cabinet.

Renee Rankin has been a civil servant since 1997. She started as an immigration officer before she was transferred to the Trade and Business Licensing section shortly thereafter. She has a Legal Secretary Certificate from UCCI.

Assistant board secretary Arisdalmis Parchmont joined the service in May 2002 as a clerical officer and quickly gained additional responsibility as time progressed because of her strong work ethic. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UCCI.

Head of Business Licensing with the DCI Ryan Rajkumarsingh said “both Renee and Aris are valuable members of the TBL team and I am truly happy that their appointments are now confirmed. In the last few months, we’ve made great progress in the unit with regards to introducing more efficient methods of processing renewals and applications. Their willingness to try new approaches, their knowledge of the internal systems and their business relationship with customers was very instrumental to our success,” he said.

From January to May of this year 2,554 TBL board decisions were made and applications are now processed within a two week window, the department said in a statement.

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