Police: Bogus calls wasting time in search for missing Kerran Baker


There were reports all afternoon and into the night Monday that a missing nurse’s body had been found in the Barkers area of West Bay.  

Those turned out not to be true; but that doesn’t mean police could ignore them.  

Royal Cayman Islands Police Superintendent Marlon Bodden said officers were called out to search an area near Barkers Monday evening, but turned up nothing in the end.  

“We would ask individuals not to get involved in that kind of rumour mill, because it only serves to cause pain to the families,” Mr. Bodden said.  

Kerran Baker, 25, of Jamaica, disappeared sometime after 7pm on Saturday, 30 July. Her Blackberry, which police have not found, was used after that time but police have not determined whether that usage was by her or someone else.  

Ms Baker was reported missing just after 7pm on 31 July – about 24 hours after she was last seen – by a friend who entered her Bodden Town home and found unattended bags of groceries and the missing woman’s purse on the counter.  

Her white Honda Civic was found the next day in the Pedro St. James Castle area. 

At press time, RCIPS investigators still had no idea where Ms Baker might be and said incidents similar to what happened in Barkers Monday weren’t helpful.  

“It’s unfortunate that rumours got a way of becoming facts in the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Bodden said. “I don’t know who would have started it….certainly it will impact on investigators’ time.”  

“We can conclude that report [Monday] was false and malicious,” RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones said. 


Sifting CCTV  

Mr. Bodden said investigators looking into Ms Baker’s disappearance have spent days searching through more than 60 hours of video from closed-circuit television cameras around Grand Cayman.  

He said officers were working two at a time viewing the videos, some of which have no rewind or fast forward features.  

“It’s very challenging and you can’t take any of it for granted,” he said.  

Police have had no luck trying to trace Ms Baker’s movements after she was spotted on a CCTV camera at the airport Foster’s grocery store the night of 30 July.  

Reports that she was seen in Lower Valley and at the Domino’s Pizza in Savannah haven’t been confirmed. Officers have also had difficulty in tracing Blackberry instant messages sent between Ms Baker and some of her friends, which could assist to further pinpoint her whereabouts after 7pm that Saturday.  

Police have also not finished testing “materials” found near Ms Baker’s car in the Pedro Castle area which they said could prove important to the investigation.  

Anyone with information about the case or Ms Baker’s whereabouts is asked to call the RCIPS hotline at 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.  

KB-Airport Fosters

CCTV cameras inside the airport Fosters store capture Kerran Baker just hours before she vanished Saturday. Ms Baker’s grocery bags were later found abandoned on the counter of her Bodden Town home.


  1. Apparently the Cayman Islands Governor, Commissioner of RCIP I hope you take national security for the Cayman Islands seriously but also the security of the people even more seriously.
    I have some very interesting news for you as you seem to be treating the case of the missing Kerran Natalee Baker very lightly and not using the appropriate investigative measures in order to resolve this matter. RCIP apparently could very well be dealing with a human trafficking case even though the reputation of persons concerned may be somewhat tarnished. Human trafficking must not be ruled out at least not since I read this recent letter on CNN’s News website.

    It might be of interest to the detectives in the Cayman Islands working the case that the same man Giovano being held in Aruba for the disappearance of another woman is turning out to be a susicion of human trafficking case based on the mother’s testimony of another girl who almost met her fate to the invitation of the same perpetrator. If it wasn’t for her mother who stopped the girl from going on the trip with this man who offered her 5,000.
    Giovano apparently had a deadline of the end of JULY Beginning of AUGUST for a so called photo shoot he promised! was it a photo shoot or an order for a very pretty girl.
    KERRAN NATALEE BAKER went Missing on the 31st of July 2011 during the SAME time this recent victim in Aruba went Missing! Could the two cases be tied or is RCIP going to continue to find excuses for not contacting the FBI and look into whether messages came into the Cayman Islands from this same man or did he slip in and out under his name or another name? Did Ms. Baker leave the country under her own name? The search in Aruba pretty much is resulting in the same pattern as the search in the Cayman Islands for Ms. Baker, turning up nothing.

    Its time to connect internationally with the FBI and solve these mysteries that are obviously way too big for you to solve and you remain in denial.
    As you are very limited in resources and most of all you can not dupe the world to believe that you can indeed handle these high profile kidnappings and human trafficking cases. Its just not your field of expertise.
    I urge the RCIP to think about bringing closure to the family of Ms. Baker and put your pride and denials aside for once. Saving a life is most important.



    David S.

  2. OK if you are serious about police work and solving crimes then it’s time the law should state that the cameras must have rewind and fast forward features.
    No more excuses.

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